This week is a pretty exciting one.

It’s my birthday on Thursday and I’m excited to celebrate with my kids and bubble family! A little different from last year’s shenanigans but I’m so grateful to be with friends and family who are all safe and well.

I’ve also been working on a big project with a large corporate organisation that’s been months in the planning that officially kicks off this week. I’m supporting senior leaders through a strategic development programme that involves lots of workshops and deep dive one to one psychometric coaching. It’s been a joy to get stuck into a big project like this and really support the team personally and collectively to achieve their strategic goals.

Because of this, I’m not able to take on any more clients on a one to one basis at the moment. That will change as we move further into spring, but for now there are ways I can still support you in nailing your speaker related business goals this year.

Here’s how….

If you are doing online training delivery and  looking to up your virtual training skills, check out my virtual training pro course. 

What’s inside Virtual Training Pro?

  • Plan your online training: Map it all out and plan the format of your online/virtual training so that it is set up for success from the beginning.
  • Create your online exercises: I share the exact exercises to use for maximum engagement and learning so that you take your virtual training from surface level to deep dive. Plus >> You get access to the best free and paid personality tests and surveys so that you add more depth to your delegate’s online experience.
  • Keep energy and engagement high: I share my tips and tricks on how to keep the virtual room alive and engaged and share my tried and tested online energisers and icebreakers so that you break down trust barriers and shake things up.
  • Move offline training online: I take you through the steps needed to translate your face to face training to effective online delivery, so that you can use what you have already to create awesome virtual experiences
  • Bust your fears with tech: I provide guides and tutorial links to all the major platforms, ensuring you are calm, cool and tech savvy.

If you are looking to harness the many opportunities in virtual speaking, check out my Virtual Speaking Pro course.

What’s inside Virtual Speaking Pro?


Learn exactly what you want to say – your ‘hot right now’ message and stories. Defining the problems that your ideal clients need solving at this very moment that are aligned and congruent with your expertise.


How you want to share it – deciding on your most effective mode of virtual delivery for maximum impact, authority and reach. I have SIX for you to choose from podcast interviews, webinars, to keynote talks. 


Where to share it to reach the most amount of the right people. All from the comfort of your own home. Finding the audiences, pitching your ideas and landing the gigs.

If you want 2021 to be the year you land a TEDx gig, then check out my Land and Deliver course.

What’s inside Land and Deliver?

Get the inside scoop on exactly what you need to know to land a TEDx talk  

Get laser clear on your speaker goals so that you can 100% nail them 

Define the core message of your TEDx worthy talk (hint: this is a pretty crucial yet overlooked step) 

Get step by step instructions on how to apply for TEDx 

Learn how to deliver with maximum impact

Use my ‘cut through’ method for getting noticed and landing the gig 

Craft your perfect pitch

And of course if you have ANY questions about any of the above?

Just get in touch and let’s have a chat.

Much love


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