I’m just popping in to give you a little food for thought during the Xmas period. I love having a bit of downtime and will be taking a break from my business from the end of today all the way through to the 7th of January. (You will still see me pop up on social media and in your email though, that’s the power of scheduling!)

I like to switch off but I also find that my mind comes up with the best ideas when I take a break too. 

All that food and reflection is good for you!

So I’ll be letting my creativity whirr over the Xmas period, and it’s a great time to start thinking about the talks I’ll be delivering next year.

If you haven’t yet crafted your signature talk, it might be the perfect time to start collecting stories and ideas for it!

In case you aren’t sure what a signature talk is, it’s the core talk in your toolbox that you could pull out at a day’s notice to go speak somewhere. This type of thing happens all the time and it’s good to be prepared! 

So I’m going to share the ingredients of a great signature talk with you right here, so you can get those creative juices flowing over the festive period to kick off your speaking career in 2020 and go all-in on your opportunities!


The key ingredients of a signature talk 

  • It is based on your core story

Your signature talk will draw on the key elements of your core story (the story that is the backbone of who you are today and how you got here, helping people the way you do.) It might be that your signature talk IS your story, however, there must always be a message, purpose or take away for the audience. A hero’s journey talk structure works well for many signature talks for this reason. 


  • It showcases your expertise

A really crucial element of your signature talk is that you are able to demonstrate that you are the go-to expert in your subject area. Think about where you’d be sharing this talk. Speaking to your ideal client audience is a great focus for your signature talk and means that you can not only connect with them through your story but show them that you really know your stuff! This is usually demonstrated through case studies, examples and key tips that they can leave with to take action on straight away. 


  • It is versatile

The beauty of a signature talk is that it can be used for many different things! You could condense it down into a 15-minute live stream or extend it out to an interactive workshop. You can speak to an audience where there is no pitching allowed, or tweak it so that you are selling from the stage in an authentic and genuine way and turning those audience members into wonderful clients! 

Hopefully, this has given you some things to deliberate over during the festive period. 

If you would like to help shaping your signature talk, my speaker intensive has been designed to help you do just this. I’ll be closing slots for my intensives for a period soon to make room for the other awesome things I have happening in 2020, so book in a time for us to talk by clicking the link. https://helenpackham.as.me/?appointmentType=2721768


Happy Xmas and Happy Creating!


Much love

Helen x

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