Happy New Year! I hope you had some fab celebrations over the holidays.

How are you feeling right now?

I’ll be honest after arriving back from my Moroccan adventure in the early hours of Sunday morning I have completely crashed! It was such a contrast to come back to reality after 9 days doing things I had never done before. In particular it felt strange to be coming back to civilisation after spending a few days in the mountains hanging out with the Berber people of Morocco who live stripped back lives with no hot water or electricity. Putting my Mum hat back on was also trickier than I thought but I missed my kiddies so much it was great to see them again.

So now I’m getting used to being back in blighty I’m reflecting on what I took away from my adventure and aligning that with my focus for this year.

I had the most incredible experience with 12 other people who all came together in Morocco as strangers but are leaving as great friends.

We sat round the fire on our last night and asked each other what we were taking away from our adventures in this beautiful country. It was so awesome to hear what my  buddies were taking back with them.



I’m so grateful that I have been able to experience this adventure. There was a time when I wouldn’t have even considered it. It’s made me grateful for every little thing I have in my life and I’m taking back even more gratitude with me. I also found it humbling to realise how much people live their lives with hardly anything at all, and how little we actually need. 

💪🏻Focus on health💪🏻

A bit of a new year cliche I know but the trip was so fun and active it’s made me crave more sport based adventures. I’m going to get back into regular yoga and am going to take up kite surfing as there is a school ten minutes from where I live. Choosing health over hedonism is my new motto. I’m adding this to #dobravethings and feel to the edges of everything. 

👋🏻Letting go👋🏻

Coming away made me realise how much I was holding onto things that weren’t serving me and were a total waste of my energy and focus. Gay Hendricks talks about letting go in his book The Joy Of Genius and it’s as simple as making a choice to do it! So I’ve done it. I’m also carrying forward with me the motto ‘endings and new beginnings’ because the ending of anything can signify something new and exciting for you, even if it is an opportunity to learn and grow and do things differently.

And even though it’s come to an end, it’s not over. I’ll be staying in touch and meeting up with my new friends in the coming months and am taking back so much with me into my day to day life.

How are you doing with your word, motto and goals for the year?

If you are struggling hit comment and let me know. Happy to help if I can.

Much love

Helen x

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