What journey have you taken to get to where you are now?

I bet there have been many bumps, twists and turns in the road and many lessons learned. 

It has certainly been the case for me since I started this business 6 years ago. 

Along the way I’ve met some people who have really inspired me.

One, in particular, is my friend Suzanne Dibble, Richard Branson’s former lawyer, author of GDPR for dummies and the genius behind Small Business Legal Academy.

Susan is holding a special summit “The Journey to Online Business Success” from Nov 22nd – 26th – and I am so excited to be one of the speakers.

I’m going to be talking to Suzanne about my business journey, how I overcame crippling limiting beliefs and went  from hiding in the shadows to becoming a speaker event host and TEDx curator. I’ll be speaking on Friday 26th November at 2pm and I’d love for you to come and join in the fun! If you can’t make it live at that time, don’t worry, as all interviews will be available for 24 hours afterwards – you can see a full list of the speakers here 

Not only will you hear from me, but over five days you’ll hear from speakers like Justice Williams MBE,  business lawyer Suzanne Dibble and business coach and mentor Karen Kissane…plus many more, all sharing their journey to success, from the ups and the downs, the challenges and the wins.

There will be incredible prizes on offer (I’m giving away something pretty special) as well as bonus gifts from the speakers too.

I can’t wait! Plus, I hear Suzanne will be offering a Black Friday discount like no other during the summit…. So grab your spot now, and I’ll see you there! 

Much love


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