Does your community need free public speaking training?

Over the past 8 years my business (and I) has evolved in many different ways. For the last four years I have been focusing specifically on verbal communication, helping business leaders 10x the impact of their communication, as well as helping entrepreneurs and coaches become sought after speakers by increasing their authority, impact and reach.

I’m now at a crucial stage in my business with some very exciting things coming up, and I’m putting a call out to the lovely people within my community that have a community that would benefit from one of my guest expert sessions: 

5 ways to increase your Authority, Impact and Reach to become a Sought After Speaker

The hidden secrets to landing your dream TEDx gig 

How to create your own signature keynote talk and get paid to speak

If you have a feeling that the people within your masterminds, membership groups or networks would get value from one of the above guest expert sessions please get in touch using this contact form and let me know.

About the guest expert sessions

They are high energy, interactive practical sessions that last 40 minutes with 20 mins for Q&A at the end and they have tangible takeaways and outcomes. They are free of charge to run, and I will promote my upcoming live masterclass training series (also free) at the end. 

I’m booking in sessions between now and June. If you or anyone you know might benefit please pass on or get in touch.

Much love

Helen x

PS If you don’t have my AIR assessment already and would like to get a head start, you can down load it for free here

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