I was in London with my mastermind group last week and some of our time was spent discussing thought leadership. 

It’s a term thrown around quite a bit these days but to me, (and my mastermind team members) it is defined as someone who is known for sharing their thoughts, ideas and opinions that are relevant at a societal, industry and community level for now and in the future. 

I have worked with senior leaders within organisations and coaches, consultants and small business owners for a good for years now, on how to establish themselves as thought leaders within their chosen industry.

This work is important and exciting for me because it overlaps nicely with the TED work I have done and continue to do to help clients create ideas worth spreading for the greater good.

The thought leader message goes above and beyond your free and paid communities on social platforms. It reaches a wider audience and touches on topics that are seen as important in wider circles. 

Developing your thought leader brand is all about defining what those messages are, sharing them in coherent and impactful ways through podcasts, keynotes, media and TEDx talks, and creating a credible point of contact for others to come to for opinion and advice. 

If developing your thought leader status is on your agenda for 2024 I have a number of resources that may help.

Master series to increase Authority, Impact and Reach

Get instant, free access to my master series where I explore the key components of the thought leader brand, how to develop your thought leader status, and how this fits into the other pieces of your business strategy.

Get access to the master series here

The AIR assessment

Gives you a measurable snap shot on where you are right now in your thought leader status, and where to go next to build your thought leader brand.

Take the AIR assessment here

Want more support?

I have one place left to work with me 121 before the end of the year, when my one to one prices go up. If you are ready to build your thought leader brand in 2024 and want to take action fast, then book a call to explore my one to one options.

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