Exploring how audio and visual plays a part in our emotions, memory retention and action.


In the latest episode of the Words That Change Lives podcast I had a thought-provoking discussion with entrepreneurial sound engineer, Shiggi Pakter. 

Shiggi’s early foray into the world of sound began with a daring trade. Her mother’s car for a set of DJ decks. This marked the start of an adventure that would later lead her to playing out in clubs, the rush of live sound engineering and then narrating stories through the spoken word.

We explored the diversity in an audience’s processing styles and answered questions like:

Is fast audio better for complex information? 

Do visuals distract or enhance the podcast experience? 

How do we engage eyes and ears in shaping TEDx Talks, keynotes, and even digital content?

In a tech-driven landscape where AI is ubiquitous, how replaceable is authentic human voice and stage presence? 

All is revealed in the latest episode you can listen to here wherever you access your podcasts:


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