There is a great trend in entrepreneurship happening which I absolutely love.

It enables you to position yourself as the expert without having to be one
It enables you to win more business without having to learn new skills
It has huge potential for scale and sustainability
And the ability to increase your following massively

It’s a winning formula.

The guys at Uber have done it
Tim Ferriss has done it
Airbnb have done it

And little old me is doing it

What is it you ask? I can tell you are on the edge of your seat!

It’s the power of collaboration.

Uber have built a business using the general public and their vehicles to drive other people around.

Tim Ferriss has gained huge success (amongst other things) by pulling together wisdom from the world’s experts and presenting it in books.

Airbnb collaborate with home owners all over the world to provide an alternative to hotels.

And they are doing pretty bloody well.

You’ve heard the well trodden phrases.

No man or woman is an island
It takes a village

And it’s true in business too. We are better and more powerful together.

Which is why I will be totally honest and say that I am NOT an expert by any means.

But I AM passionate about the subject of entrepreneurial leadership, and I also recognise that expertise in others.

Which is why I wanted to bring a group of top experts, thought leaders and power houses together for my virtual conference. I will never have the knowledge that each of them has in their chosen subject area. It would blow my tiny mind quite frankly!

Instead, I am able to position myself as the expert by collaborating with this wonderful bunch, reach their audience with my message and use collaboration to help entrepreneurs to build businesses the RIGHT way.

I am super proud of this conference and what it will deliver. Secure your free ticket now. We start 22nd January

Elite Entrepreneurial Leaders Conference


Much love

Helen x

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