I’m pretty obsessed with learning about the history of our species. 


It started when I was developing my career skills in leadership development and studying psychology with the Open University. 


I became incredibly curious about evolutionary psychology and the origins of homo sapiens. This included how and why we evolved, what gave us an advantage and how that manifests in our behaviour today. 


In my speaker work, this has enabled me to unlock confidence in my clients by harnessing their intrinsic power of storytelling, and to help my corporate clients harness their intrinsic leadership skills in order to achieve the best for themselves and their people.


So I was absolutely delighted when my client Tony Brooks invited me to speak on his podcast about this very subject. Tony and I have been working together to create his keynote talk on survival psychology, a TEDx talk which he has landed and will be giving in January, and his offerings that complement his area of expertise.


In our interview, Tony and I discussed:


– Why evolution is important to our understanding of leadership

– Altruism: how it can benefit us and go against us

– How fear holds leaders back

– The ways can we use the learnings from evolution to our advantage

– Why fear can play such a part in public speaking 

– How tribes work in organisations (in/out groups, silos, us & them)

– Impostor Syndrome and what is really going on

– The power of storytelling

– What leaders need to be aware of in terms of evolutionary factors


You can access the podcast series:



You can also access the podcast on Tony’s website (which as I said is live now) –  https://thetonybrooks.com/podcast-episodes


If this sounds up your street, have a listen and let me know what you think and how this applies to you. I’m a total geek about this and would love to speak to any fellow geeks on the subject!


And if you know of anyone who might benefit from listening, please share. 



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