Before you ask, I’m not using my email list to find a partner.

Although I am open to meeting someone awesome however they come in! Let me explain….

The last few years have been full of learning and growth when it comes to my personal life. When my marriage ended I felt completely out of my depth. I’d been in continuous relationships since I was 14. I had no clue how to do life alone! And yet I knew that being alone was exactly what I needed.

So I turned inward and did the crucial work on connecting with my needs and desires for a healthy, happy relationship. As well as working on limiting beliefs and recurring patterns in order to be open to something new.

It’s been a truly incredible journey with lots of other life stuff happening along the way. And now I’m in my own lovely little home and my kids are settled, I feel in a completely different (and rather wonderful place.)

I couldn’t have done all this without one rather remarkable lady.

Katie Phillips has supported me to do this work with some truly transformative results. I don’t use that word lightly and don’t recommend people unless I’ve had first hand experience myself.

And I honestly can’t recommend her highly enough.

If you are single and desire a new relationship, cliche as it sounds, the relationship to focus on first is the one with yourself. Katie’s work helps you do just that so you can be in the best possible place, mind body and spirit to be ready for your soul mate.

She has filmed a powerful masterclass that I want to share with you. It’s only 18 minutes and is full of really useful tips and advice.

Click here to get the masterclass >

It’s completely free!

Much love,


PS. If you want to dive even deeper with Katie, I highly recommend her free ‘Meet Your Soul Mate’ 5 day challenge which starts on 27th June. Katie has hosted this event 5 times already and the women that participate are getting incredible results. Some have even met their person off the back of it! Here’s the link to register for free >>

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