In the world of storytelling, the “hero’s journey” is a classic structure used to communicate powerful narratives. 

Whether in presentations, keynote talks, or TED talks, this structure highlights the transformative journey of overcoming significant challenges.

We all have experienced challenges and pit moments in our lives, and when reflecting back on them, they are often followed by a period of change, learning and growth.

But how can we embrace those pit moments in order to be a force for good for others?

In the latest episode of “Words That Change Lives”, I had the privilege of interviewing my client Jason Archdale, a mental wellness life coach and speaker. 

Jason’s story is a testament to the power of embracing our ‘pit moments’—those dark, challenging times that ultimately shape us and propel us toward growth and transformation.

Key Insights from Our Conversation:

  1. The Importance of the pit moment: Jason explains that every story, no matter how ordinary or extraordinary, has a pit moment—a point where we face significant obstacles. These moments are crucial as they often lead to profound personal growth and transformation.
  2. Jason’s journey: From his early days as a tank driver in the military to facing immense personal struggles, including depression and suicidal thoughts, Jason’s journey is both inspiring and relatable. He shares how these challenges became the foundation for his work in mental wellness.
  3. Actionable Steps: We give you practical advice on how to navigate pit moments so that you can embrace them in your own stories. Jason emphasises the importance of making a decisive choice to change, taking action, being relentless, and trusting the process (which forms his expert method.)

Why This Matters: Sharing our pit moments not only helps us heal but also inspires others who might be going through similar challenges. It’s about moving beyond the fear of vulnerability and embracing the strength that comes from sharing our true selves.

Listen to the Full Episode: I invite you to listen to this powerful episode and reflect on your own pit moments. How have they shaped you? What lessons have you learned?

Click here to listen now.

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