I have found myself drawn to my window this last week, gazing out onto the street with my hands against the pane. Watching the odd person walk past with their dog and lamenting a little about how much the world has changed.

My life, like yours, has changed dramatically. I no longer take for granted the fresh air or sunshine, having bountiful supplies of essentials or hugging my friends and relatives.

But in this isolation, I am seeing so many things happening. Human beings are impeccable problem solvers. We have sprung into action and created virtual curriculums for our kids, virtual networks for ourselves, and are busier than ever with social meetups via zoom and WhatsApp video call.

Out of problems, come solutions, and before that, come ideas.

Now I LOVE talking about ideas. I have done a lot of research about where they come from and I also help people spread their ideas through storytelling and speaking.
From isolation comes incubation

I want to encourage you to start to listen to the ideas inside you right now. You will be busy problem solving all day every day. And you are currently in the PERFECT environment for the incubation of new ideas.

There are many ways ideas come to us. We could be in the shower, walking the dog, or having a zoom meeting with our business colleagues.

Whatever happens, I want you to catch them as they come, because there are many ways you can use them.

Here are just a few:
1. You could come up with an idea for a new service or product that people REALLY need right now. Generating new leads and adding a new income stream to your business.
2. You could come up with a different way of working so that you CAN home school your kids and run a business at the same time.
3. You could create a method or system that improves something or solves a current problem
4. You could be inspired to craft a powerful new message that will help shift thinking
5. You could use that idea to create a virtual or real-life talk that will help thousands of people and have the potential to go viral

Need help with this?

I have THREE resources that can nurture those seeds of ideas you may have growing inside you.

My keynote talk – How to make an impact with your ideas.

I gave this talk at my annual conference last year and this is the first time I’m sharing it!
It explores where ideas come from and gives you four ways you can use your ideas to stand out, get recognised as an expert and win more business. It’s going to be really helpful right now when thinking about how you can generate new leads and sales.
Give it a watch then hit me up and let me know what you think.

My free TEDx worthy checklist

This checklist takes you through two detailed criteria to help you define what your idea worth spreading could be. This criteria is used by TEDx curators when deciding which speakers will talk at their events (PS. I am a TEDx curator so I am in the know on this!)


My TEDx course – Land and Deliver

The next round of my TEDx course starts on 15th June and if you sign up before April 1st you get the added bonus of THREE group coaching calls with me before the start date to help get your ideas refined and your visibility blockers banished.

Land and deliver is a 4 week course designed to help you:
• Get laser clear on your ‘idea worth spreading’
• Understand what TEDx organisers are looking for
• Identify what ‘type’ of TEDx talk you will give
• Develop the core message of your talk
• Find the right TEDx event for you
• Use my ‘cut through’ method to get noticed by curators
• Craft the perfect pitch using my drag and drop template

There are two options

All Access
• Gives you access to all course materials
• Dedicated Facebook community
• Live Q&A and group calls with me
• Support in honing your message and crafting the perfect pitch
All for just £297 or 3 payments of £99

• Gives you access to all course materials
• Dedicated Facebook community
• Live Q&A and group calls with me

PLUS! A 45 minute coaching session. One to one support with me in clarifying your idea worth spreading and honing the perfect pitch. Previous clients have been astounded by how we defined the core message and pitch so quickly!

If you sign up to the VIP option before 1st April you also get a monthly group visibility zoom call from now until the kick off date of June 15th.

This coaching call will get you super clear on any visibility blockers that might be standing in your way and my support in smashing them. So by the time the course starts wild horses won’t stop you!

You can find out all about the course and choose the best option for you right here

Questions? Hit comment! I’m here to help.

Much love
Helen x

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