As a TEDx curator and coach, I’ve had the privilege of helping individuals share their ideas worth spreading. But landing a TEDx gig isn’t just about a polished speech; it’s about understanding the TEDx code and overcoming internal and external obstacles. 

Overcoming the internal barriers

To stand on the TEDx stage, I had to first conquer my internal fears and quiet the imposter. I found that reflecting on past achievements in my area of expertise helped boost my confidence and by focusing on my wins, I realised the value I could bring to. Visualising the end result – the applause, warmth, and support from the audience – also helped me set my sights on achieving that vision.

Finding the idea worth spreading

Nailing down a clear and impactful idea is a crucial step in landing a TEDx gig. Understanding your idea’s importance in relation to the theme and how it can benefit the audience is essential. It’s not just about being a speaker; it’s about having an idea that can make a positive impact. This step is often a stumbling block for many aspiring TEDx speakers. 

I found that developing a TEDx worthy checklist and aligning my idea with the audience’s needs helped in getting clarity.

You can download my free TEDx checklist here

Understanding external obstacles: the application process

The TEDx application process can be a daunting obstacle. It’s not a one-size-fits-all approach, and each event may have a different application process. Researching and understanding the requirements of each event is crucial. It’s also vital to detach from the outcome and not take it personally if your application isn’t successful. 

Understanding the competitive nature of the process and knowing how to present yourself and your idea in the best light can make all the difference.

My journey to landing a TEDx gig has been filled with challenges, growth, and ultimately, the satisfaction of sharing an idea worth spreading. The TEDx code isn’t impenetrable; it’s about understanding the process, clarifying your idea, and confidently navigating the application process.

If you’re aspiring to step onto the TEDx stage, know that it’s not just a dream; it can be your reality.

Let’s crack the TEDx code together and share our ideas that change lives. 

I explore this in more detail here

Do you have dreams of gracing the TEDx stage? Shoot me a DM and let’s talk about where you are right now with your ideas.

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