A lot of people (and clients) I speak to before working with them, have speaking on their goal list but haven’t yet got it off the ground. 

There are a few reasons for this, but mainly the goal gets pushed down the priority list. 

It’s usually down to:

  1. Not being clear on the types of messages you should be delivering in your talks because there is so much stuff you could include but you don’t know where to start.
  2. Not sure on what it takes to elevate your status to thought leader and charge for paid keynote talks.
  3. It feels like finding gigs let alone paid gigs is like looking for a needle in a haystack. How do you command 5k or even 10k for a talk when you don’t have masses of proof?

Maybe the thought of standing on a stage and getting a standing ovation just feels like a dream.

Dreaming about the things you’d love to happen is a great first step. 

You also need:

  1. Clarity on what it is you want and what the outcome looks like
  2. A belief and passion that you are deserving of that dream becoming real
  3. A plan of action to bring that dream into existence

Sometimes we need a little help to make that PUSH forward. I hope this helps in giving you that push. 

These common stumbling blocks and clarity steps are the things that I address in order, and with practical detail and action in my Ultimate Speaker programme. 

By addressing the fundamentals required, I can help you dissolve your blockers and make the dream a reality.

Ultimate Speaker is the complete kit to help you become a sought after expert and speaker in your niche. I’ve put years of love, learning and wisdom into the programme so that you have everything you need to make your speaking career a success.

I’m sharing this with you today as I have a special Black Friday offer available.

There are two support options for the programme:

  1. All Access which gives you instant access to my comprehensive programme, guiding you step by step what you need to do to become a sought after paid speaker.
  2. VIP gives you all the above PLUS a one to one coaching session with me, 2 video reviews of the talk you create whilst working through the programme AND two pitch reviews so that you can land your dream speaking gig. 

The exclusive Black Friday deal will give you a whopping £300 off each option!

You can check out ALL the juicy details of the programme here

There will be £300 off from now till Monday 27th at 5pm.

If you’d like to know if Ultimate Speaker is right for you, just contact me hello@helenpackham.com or send me a message and I’ll be happy to help


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