It was International Women’s Day last Friday, and it’s been an honour to be invited to contribute my views in conversations online and in the media. 

It’s given me a chance to reflect on my own journey and those of the women I support both in the corporate world and in my speaker coaching business. 

Since my early corporate days in Leadership, I have seen big strides in progress in addressing the imbalance at senior levels within the workplace. 

I have seen more and more women strike out on their own, start their own business and be proud and courageous in sharing their expertise. 

My own story is a big part of this, which I had the pleasure to share in the most recent special issue of Sussex Business Times, alongside a group of inspiring women sharing their own insights.








In the article I talk about:

  • Memories of gender disparity in my early leadership years 
  • How anxiety affected me in my corporate role
  • How I contributed to the imbalance of statistics within senior roles by leaving the corporate world
  • How my own journey helped me to support women to speak up, find their voice and have more honest conversations.

A big thank you to all those involved in making this happen. The photo shoot was so much fun and it was inspiring to rub shoulders with an amazing group of women all doing great things.

We’ve come so far, there’s still work to do, but I feel proud to be a woman in business in 2024.

You can read the article here

And I’d love to hear from you and your thoughts on this topic, whatever your gender.

If you’d like to know how you can find your voice, speak up more and be bold in your communication, my podcast covers these topics.

You can listen here

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