I remember clearly when I was ready to take my speaking game to the next level.

I’d been pulling on my years of corporate experience up until summer last year.

I used to train, coach and facilitate senior leaders every day. That training and facilitation was all focused on helping them enhance their communication skills in order to engage, retain and motivate their employees to achieve strategic goals.

Storytelling was the secret weapon I used!

But I knew that what got me here wasn’t going to get me to the next level.

So I invested in a speaker coach. I paid £1000 for a 2 hour intensive with one of the country’s top motivational speakers and we went to work. In the weeks that followed, he supported me by watching my talk recordings, giving feedback and enhancing my existing skills with next level delivery, impact and presence.

And it really made the difference!

Since then I have honed my skills and continued to add to them. And I am now helping speakers at all levels to smash it, making a big impact with their communication.

But how do you know what level you are at when it comes to speaking?

In my experience, speakers fall into three categories.

  1. Starter Speaker

You know you have big dreams and goals to share your messages and stories with the world, but at the same time you know that there is some ground work to do first.

Before you take to the stage, you need to ensure you have 100% clarity on a few things in order to create the best strategy to raise your impact authority and reach.

You would benefit from working through the first 4 stages of my 7 key speaker system

  • Key values. That underpin how you show up in the world, what you live and die by and how you want to steer your ship.
  • Key story. Your core story, the one that got you here today. We dive deep into it and pick out the most relevant, key points along the way. Including the right storytelling structures and tools for you.
  • Key USP. Out of the story comes the USP. The thing that stands you apart from everyone else because of YOUR history, YOUR experience.
  • Key messages. Out of the story also comes the key messages. The messages that you can use for your content marketing, website, video, talks, workshops, media and podcast interviews. We also define your ‘go left’ messages. What you are saying that others aren’t.

Then it’s time to start showing up and sharing, taking action and seeing the results from all that amazing clarity work.

Once you have this nailed you are ready to become a…

2. Super Speaker

At this stage you are really stepping into your speaking shoes. Getting you recognised as an expert is the focus, as well as the right method and audience to start standing up, speaking and getting the results you crave.

We do this by defining..

  • Key method. We create a method, framework or philosophy that is uniquely yours. This raises your authority and credibility and gets you known as THE go to expert in your niche.
  • Key structures. Then we work out HOW you share this. Talks, workshops, Facebook lives, webinars, courses, conferences, podcasts. I have structures for them all. And with impact and presence too. There is a LOT to this key, and it can be unpacked in many different ways.
  • Key strategy. Finally, we put a plan of action in place for pitching, connecting, reaching out to and communicating with the right people in the right ways to raise your impact , authority and reach.

And when you have been speaking for a while and are ready to uplevel, you are a…

3. Star Speaker

To become a star speaker you will take on the mindset that your tried and tested way of speaking is ready to shift and evolve.

You may have one style, one type of talk, and one type of delivery. It might be working well for you, but in order to be taken seriously, raise your credibility and take to the big stages, you know that you need some more speaker weapons in your arsenal.

You will most likely need to work through stages 4, 6 and 7, to define smart ‘go left’ messages, work on a killer structure that is going to pack a ‘next level’ punch and strategies how to seek, pitch and land the opportunities that are really going to get you noticed.

So which one are you, Starter, Super or Star?

Hit comment and let me know. And if you are ready to invest in your speaker success I have availability to work with people 121 in October on my Stand Out and Speak Intensive.

There are three price options for the intensive. Hit reply and let’s chat or book in a call here

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