Today I’m sharing another quote from the one and only Albie Einstein.

Einstein’s idea was that we shouldn’t clutter our minds with facts, but use our heads for thinking instead.

In 1921 Einstein was asked why he didn’t know the speed of sound. He replied that he didn’t ‘carry’ such information in his mind as it was available in books.

What a legend!

Starting a business can be a funny old game. Most people will experience a crisis of confidence at some point and feel like they don’t ‘know’ enough. Have you? I sure as hell did.

When suddenly faced with the prospect of finding customers and clients, you can often doubt your knowledge and expertise. There is a compelling need to wear ALL the credentials, certificates and accreditations like an academic badge of honour. If you have the cert you have what it takes.

Well, that’s an entrepreneurial myth I’d like to bust.

Yes, when you start a business you have to be bloody good at something, you have to have experience in a certain niche, you have to be playing to your best strengths, the things that make you buzz. If you have certificates to back it up, awesome, but rather than cramming your head full of theory, my advice is this….

Make space for your imagination instead.

Allow yourself to be curious. Provide yourself with opportunities for creative incubation. Make thinking part of your every day.

  • My best wins on this journey have come from great ideas, NOT being able to spout the bucketfuls of psychological theory I picked up in my corporate career.
  • My biggest breakthroughs have been when the creative juices are really flowing. When I’m thinking about what’s possible rather than what I know.
  • My ballsiest achievements have come from imagining the perfect most exhilarating outcome, rather than fretting about the knowledge that will get me there.

The beauty of this all is, you set the rules, you move the goal posts. Anything is truly possible for you.

So rather than focusing on cramming your mind with knowledge, give it some space to let your imagination run wild.

Amazing things happen there, believe me.

Hit comment and let me know your thoughts on this quote, is this something you already do or could you create more space in your life for what really matters?

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