Are you making the IMPACT you want?

Knowing what to say in business is incredibly important when you are getting visible and serving your clients. But knowing HOW to say it, will do even more to set you apart from competitors in a challenging market.

Verbal communication is a skill that any entrepreneur, coach, consultant or small business owner should have in their arsenal.

Making an impact with your words is essential for you to connect with your audience, articulate your message, speak with confidence and turn leads into sales.

Some of the most common challenges I see when working with clients on increasing their IMPACT:

  • Including too much content in their training and talks
  • Getting stuck with how to convey messages in an interesting way
  • Not engaging their audience
  • Going off on tangents
  • Losing their audience
  • Feeling unable to show up without putting on a persona of some sort
  • Avoiding taking action due to limiting beliefs
  • Not seeking or putting themself forward for opportunities
  • Feeling like what they say isn’t interesting, exciting or impactful
  • Using a load of words when only a few will do

Any of this sound familiar?

If so, I am passionate about helping you. And I know that sometimes it can just take a small step in crushing those beliefs that are holding you back to make you really soar.

Because I really do believe that we all have it inside us to make the impact we desire. It just might need a bit of coaxing and unblocking!

How I can help

My Stand Out and Speak Intensive is designed to help you specifically in this area. From your core story, your messaging, how you show up online and how you deliver your services.

I have one space available in October for a signature intensive or 2 mini’s.

Find out all the info here

If you are looking for free support in upskilling the way you communicate then The AIR Hub will be perfect for you. All you have to do to gain access is click the link here and get some solid tips and advice along the way.

Much love


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