At the beginning of my entrepreneurial journey, I couldn’t fully grasp the importance of the saying ‘your network is your net worth.’ are you hanging with the right crew

I was purely focusing on building relationships with potential clients, and thought those were the only people I should be focusing on. After all, a tribe of ideal clients would be the most lucrative right?

Yes, it is important to focus on attracting the most dreamy of potential clients into your following. It’s also important to nurture those dreamy clients with huge value and leadership. And of course it’s important to let them know how they can work with you.

But there are many other wonderful people who have other roles, who are equally worth hanging out with. These people can help you in a multitude of ways but the trick is to figure out how you can help them first.

In my time as a Corporate senior leadership coach, I tasked the directors I worked with to build their ‘development board.’

This boardroom table in your mind has a different person in each seat, each with a special role to play. Think about yours…

Who do you want in these seats?

Trusted advisor
Biz bestie
Raving fan
Superstar (leader in your niche)
There are more!

Since I started really focusing on my own development board and building deep and meaningful relationships with those people, I can honestly say that my business has soared.

I have consistently up levelled, become more credible, more visible and more in demand.

Spend a bit of time on this? It will pay dividends in feel good vibes and bottom line results. 😀

So who do you want to sit on your development board?

Much love

Helen x

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