Hello. My name’s Helen and I am a recovering procrastinator.


I do it. We all do it, and we have all done it for a very long time. Sticking our head in the sand and putting things off is a bad habit. But this is a good thing! It means that it can be unlearned.

We procrastinate for many reasons. There are many different causes at play. Everyone is different, however procrastination usually comes down to 5 main causes. I explored this in a recent live session on my Facebook page.

If you would like help overcoming your procrastination habit, then click here for loads of fab ways to stop the excuses and get on with executing!

If you would like to explore how I may be able to help you overcome procrastination and become more productive and successful in your life and business, just book in a time to talk here.

I’d love to know what your main reason for putting things off is?

Helen xx

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