Woah, I’m back after a long and much-needed break!

A few weeks ago we started #ProjectYou over in the Courageous Leaders Club and the results have been amazing for everyone who participated. Today I wanted to share with you the wins I have experienced personally.

It’s a funny old feeling after taking such a chunk of downtime. I thought I would be ready and raring to go, but taking my foot WAY off the pedal has meant I need a bit more of a slow return.

Here are a few wins I’ve had over the last few weeks. Hopefully, they will help you to keep focusing on #ProjectYou

1. I completely switched off

I really did. Knowing that I didn’t HAVE to show up every day in a professional capacity was really rather awesome. It felt great to know that if I wanted to post it would be because the inspiration took me. I also stopped thinking about future work plans too. But what happened as a result of this? My brain went to mulch! Being chilled to the max was awesome, but it’s hard to crank my brain back into gear that’s for sure!

TIP – If you take some time off, give yourself time to wind back up again.

2. I wrote my book – but not all of it

I had big plans to get my book nailed on my 4-day writer’s retreat. But I found that once I got into the countryside, I was distracted by the woodland walks, tweeting birds and a lovely cat called Billy. (seriously I could sit for hours with him on my lap staring into space!) I had THE most wonderful time over those 4 days. I felt completely at peace with where I am at. It was very nourishing for the soul.

TIP – If you are able to get even one night away this summer, DO IT! It makes the world of difference. Huge thanks to Rebecca Dudley for the use of your amazing house!


3. I spent some great time with the kids

We’ve had some awesome adventures over the past few weeks. Trips to the zoo, the farm, the beach, the lagoon and all the wonderful sights of Brighton. As well as movie nights, hide and seek, dancing competitions and singing! I feel like I’ve been able to really connect back into my kids, enjoy them and have fun with them. Yes, there have still been lots of squabbles, but I have so much more patience now that I’ve had a break. And having my phone out of the way has been just bliss.

TIP – taking time out and away from your responsibilities can really help you focus on having fun with your loved ones. So book that time off!

4. I really tuned into me

I can honestly say this is the first time in my life where I’ve spent any real length time totally focusing on myself. I’ve been journaling every single day (using an app called Penzu which is awesome btw!) and I have found it so incredibly therapeutic. I don’t feel my feelings easily (I am a master at distracting myself!) But journalling on my feelings every day has really helped me to sit with them in order to process them.

TIP – I’ve also been listening to all different types of music and watching a few weepy films to bring on the emotions too (thanks to Sally Garozzo for that tip!)

Project You


5. I had fun!

Fun is one of my highest values and boy have I had some over the past few weeks! I was even able to recreate Ibiza one evening with a bottle of prosecco and the live stream from Radio 1’s big Ibiza weekend! I’ve also been meeting up with some awesome new people, belly laughing and being silly in the sun. AND I know what tattoo I’m getting too!

TIP – tap back into what fun looks like to you. Be creative and silly with it. Set the child in you free!

6. I was on the radio

The only bit of ‘work’ I did was a visit to the BBC radio Sussex studios last week to read the papers. I wasn’t sure what to expect but it was brilliant! I had to pick 7 stories from the day’s papers and have a chit-chat about them. It was so much fun and I am going back every month now.

TIP – Why not go for something like this yourself? Call up your local radio station and ask if you can read the papers. Tell them a bit about you and what you can offer.


7. Saw amazing wins from my clients

Even though I completely switched off I have LOVED seeing the wins of my clients whilst away. They’ve landed dream clients, dream speaking gigs, have recorded awesome podcasts and shows, made huge announcements in their business AND one client secured 50 plus places on their webinar just a few days after announcing it!

TIP – It’s still great to celebrate yours and others wins, no matter what is happening

I’d love to know – what wins are you celebrating from your #ProjectYou journey over the last few weeks?

Much love
Helen x

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