Recently I’ve been under the weather due to a culmination of things. 

I’m finally coming out the other side (YEY!)  but it’s times like this, when your health takes a hit and you are unable to rush about in your normal everyday manner, that your mind has nowhere else to go but evaluate current life choices.

One blustery spring day last week I was starting to venture out again on a walk, and happened to stumble across an episode of Steven Bartlett’s diary of a CEO interviewing Jimmy Carr. 

Now I must say I’m not Jimmy’s biggest fan, however, I was absolutely enraptured, went home and listened to it again to make notes and have crystalised some kind of existential plan.

If you haven’t listened to it yet, here’s the link:

I’ve made some notes of the key takeaways that resonated most with me, and thought I’d share them in case you may be at a similar point currently.

7 unexpected life lessons from Jimmy

  • You would give everything you own to be the age you are right now and your current level of health 25 years from now.

This really hit home and made me realise that focusing on my health is the most important thing. So I’ve signed up with a nutritionist and am getting back into an exercise routine to get me moving again post op/bug. 

  • Happiness = your quality of life – envy.

Focusing on all the glimmers, joys, satisfying moments and fulfilling points in your day fills you with happiness rather than focusing on what other people have that you don’t. 

  • Having stuff isn’t fun. Getting stuff is. It’s neither about the journey OR the destination. It’s who you become on the journey.

One of my favourite quotes is ‘it isn’t the destination it’s the journey’ but i love Jimmy’s take on this. It’s made me refocus on the human being I want to become on this journey, rather than a point in the future I want to reach. 

  • What can you do today that tomorrow you will be happy about?

This one resonates because it’s all about making the right choices. I’ve made the decision to quit alcohol and am reminding myself of this quote every day in order to eat the right things, move a bit more and not do things that I’ll regret tomorrow. 

  • You won’t rise to your goals, you will fall to your systems.

Having the right systems in place to make the right choices and decisions requires a plan, process and accountability. This is where external support systems are crucial. 

  • Do less, better, you can’t smell the roses from a galloping horse.

I love this and have now mapped out my key areas of my business for the next 8 months in order to remain laser focused on doing those things in the best way possible.

  • You should feel like an imposter every 18 months

The biggest takeaway here is: if you find yourself feeling comfortable and coasting in what you do, it’s time for an uplevel. Jimmy says feeling like an imposter is a good thing every18 months or so. 

Have you listened to the episode? I’d love to know what your key takeaways were, there were SO many more than this and I highly recommend giving it a listen if you haven’t already.

Comment below or shoot me a DM and share your thoughts!

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