I’ve spoken to a few peeps recently and I’m hearing a bit of a pattern. You want to invest in yourself but you can’t yet quite justify spending money on things like coaching or live events when you aren’t bringing in enough clients or customers into your business.

Sound familiar?

The rationale is that once the dosh starts flowing, you will be able to free up some time and money on the luxuries.

I totally get it, I was there too, which is why I’ve come up with 7 ways you can free up the money to be able to attend Entrepreneurial Leaders Live 2018. I would really love to see you there.

Change your mindset

For a long time I thought that hustling everyday at my computer would mean more sales. I was wrong. As soon as I came out from behind the computer my sales increased. Meeting people face to face and building genuine relationships led to more sales in less time with more ease. Learning at a live event gave me the tools and skills to apply new ways of generating business. Entrepreneurial Leaders Live is an event designed to help you stand out as a leader in your field, get recognised as an expert and win more business. Your bottom line is on my mind!

Put an offer out

A great way to earn the money you need for a ticket is to put an offer out that will earn you that amount. So if you are a coach and you want to attend Day 1, you can put an offer out for a coaching session on one particular problem that you solve for your client. Communicate that problem to them and tell them how you can solve it with your session.

Get creative with it. If you want a VIP ticket – offer a mini intensive. If you are looking for a 2 day pass, offer a session with a follow up. Just want a day 1 ticket? Offer a laser focused coaching session with tangible outcomes.

Give this a go! You can pitch your offer in my group The Courageous Leaders Club Just use the hashtag #ELLivepitch. You can only pitch once so make sure it’s a good un. If you read this before I announce it in the group, GO FOR IT! If you are in the CLC you can also take advantage of a 10% discount off your ticket price!

Cancel old subscriptions

Are you signed up to things you just aren’t using any more? What about those apps on your phone with paid subscriptions? Memberships to things you don’t use? Subs to tech stuff you don’t need any more? Have a look through all the things you pay out for every month and cancel anything you don’t need.

affording live conference

Drop the cup of coffee

Do you buy coffee or food every day that you could have at home? It might be lunch out, grabbing a coffee on the go, having breakfast on the run instead of at home. These things add up! For the price of a Starbucks Latte every day you could save up enough money for your ticket be the first week of June. Do you buy magazines and could switch to a podcast? Do you buy books when you could go to the library? It’s surprising how much you can save when you make a little trim here and there.

Ask for a gift

I don ‘t know about you but I am really hard to buy for. Whether it’s birthdays or Christmas or anything in between, my friends and family are always flummoxed. So if you are owed a present, how about asking for money towards your ticket? Or get someone to buy the ticket for you! It’s the best way to invest time in you. You will experience deep transformation as well as the relaxation from a trip away. And a trip to the seaside feels just like a holiday! Brighton in the summer is wonderful. If it’s not your birthday why not ask for a treat anyway. I bet you deserve it after putting yourself to the bottom of the pile for so long.

Do a Facebook marketplace sale

Just after Christmas I went through my kiddies old clothes and toys and made two piles, one for charity and one for selling. I put the items on FB marketplace and within a few days I had made £160. All from stuff that was just laying around in cupboards. The Facebook marketplace is so easy to use and you can post your add into all your local buy and sell groups instantly. Give it a go, you have money in your house you didn’t know existed!

What money finding tips do you have? I’d love to know!

If you are ready to say YES to you, grab your ticket before the early bird price goes up (if you want to take advantage of a 10% discount you can use the code Emailloyalty as a thank you for being on this list!

Much love

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