This past week I have been fully into storytelling mode.

Last Monday I ran the first part of my online speaker bootcamp, which has a module focused on the magic of storytelling. I’ve also had a few awesome speaker intensives with clients where we delved into their  stories, injecting some storytelling super fuel into their talks and online content. 

I’ve discovered that a lot of my clients think they aren’t very good storytellers, when really we ALL possess this magical skill. It is hard wired in. We have evolved to use stories to create meaning making experiences. It is at the base of our connections with each other.

You just need to tap into it.

If you want to give it a go, this week I am including 6 different types of stories from my tool box, completely free for you to try. 

Where to use them

These story types can be used in many many different ways such as:

  • Blogs
  • Social media posts
  • Facebook lives
  • Videos
  • Instagram Stories
  • Webinars
  • Workshops
  • Day trainings
  • Talks

How to use them 

These stories can be told as a stand alone, or weaved into whatever method of communication you are already using. They will increase the impact of what you are saying (or writing) significantly by creating an emotional or mental connection to you.  

  1. Then and now Illustrating where you were at a point in the past and the contrast of where you are now. This is great for encouraging others to do the same and is fab in emails and posts on social media.
  2. Light bulb  moment explains that you have finally come up with the solution to their problems. It may have been a moment of clarity in the bath, but what you came up with is really going to help them. Great when promoting an FB live or webinar.
  3. I’m not perfect This type of story comes from a place of complete vulnerability. It involves giving an honest account of something that may have gone wrong, or illustrating the fact that we are all human and aren’t perfect. It requires you to be completely open about your own flaws but is incredibly powerful for engaging the hearts and minds of your ideal client audience. 
  4. Them and us Encouraging people to make a choice by polarising people’s views. This is used best when offering your services as part of a launch. If you are with me we will do this together, but if you aren’t I wish you love but it isn’t for you.
  5. It’s like This is a great story that can help a listener/audience member/reader to understand something out of context. Using a metaphor or analogy is perfect for this. 
  6. The lesson Is all about sharing a part of your journey/life and sharing a lesson that will help the audience. It could be a recent challenge or struggle, going away, getting poorly etc. Sharing it will not only connect you with your audience but it will also help them. Remember we either win or we learn, so there are plenty of opportunities for lessons and growth!

These are just a few examples of stories you can use in your content and delivery on and offline. I’d love to invite you to choose one of these, hit reply and let me know how you will use it!

Stuck or confused? Please ask! Storytelling is the thing I love most so no question is too big or small.

Much love

Helen x

P.S. If you’d like some one on one support with this I’m opening up some mini intensives in March and April. Two hours deep dive with me, access to all my knowledge, network and connections, two week’s follow up support and unlimited whatsapp and email access during that time. I’ll help you nail your stories so you can show up, make money and change lives. £597 or 2 split payments. 

OR look out for a special competition I have coming up to celebrate my 40th birthday. You can win one of these intensives completely free! It will be taking place the week of the 24th Feb in my FB community sought after speakers.

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