A few of my clients are in similar places at the moment. In the slightly foggy area of the valley. 

You may have been there before. I certainly have, I was there just last year. 

People may think I just help others craft and deliver signature keynotes, presentations, briefings and TEDx talks, and that is a big part of my work.

But for many there’s a crucial step before that. 

It’s having unwavering clarity on the foundations of who you are as a thought leader in your business.

Yes I know. It’s a pretty annoying term that’s used a lot these days. 

But really, what it means is you are coining and cultivating the stories and messages that are completely aligned to how you serve others, and what you want to be known for in the next 18months-2 years (because you are always evolving.)

Especially if you are currently in the valley. Somewhere between two versions of yourself. 

Where life events or career stages have set you in a foggy place that may be affecting your confidence on what step to take next. 

You might be looking back at the cliff top of who you were but not being able to connect with them anymore. 

You might be glancing up to the land on the other side not feeling like you know who that version of yourself is yet. 

If this is you there are a few things you can do:

  1. Rebuild your foundation: what are your desirable values now. How will they help guide you and make decisions?

Having a reset of what is important will help to solidify your self knowledge.

  1. What is your North Star? Where are you headed now and what’s it all for?

This may have changed, and so re focusing on where you are headed, what your big WHY is, and what you are doing this for can help anchor you to a future point to head towards.

  1. What does your evolved core story look like now? You’ve changed, that’s ok, so your story can come with you. If you are stuck with this then check out episode two of my podcast Words that Change Lives here


  1. How are you putting a unique stamp on your services or skills that embodies who you are? This is your expert method, (my free AIR assessment can help you get more clarity on this, you can grab it here


  1. What idea and opinions do you have that can contribute to ripples at a societal level and not just the individual? Developing your thought leader brand means focusing on what is happening around you, how that links to your expertise and how you serve others. 

Getting these foundations solid, no matter where you are on your journey will provide you with the knowing and confidence to boost you forward. 

And if you need help with this?

You can check out my podcast wherever you listen to yours by clicking this link


Taking my free AIR assessment to see where you are currently


Or book a call to chat about how I can support you on a one to one basis. I have slots opening up from mid April


PLUS! If giving a TEDx talk is on your goal list but you are feeling unclear of how to make it happen, I have a workshop coming up on 22nd Feb at 12.30PM UK sharing how you can crack the TEDx code. If you’d like to attend just send me an email hello@helenpackham.com and I’ll share the details.

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