The world may be getting back to normal with more face to face events which is awesome! But virtual is definitely here to stay. Did you know that there are people in their homes right this very moment crying out for your help? Whatever your area of expertise there are people that need to hear your story and your message. When they do hear it, it is going to make such an impactful change in their life! 
So how can you help them? By connecting with them in the best way possible by delivering a virtual talk. 
It’s the best way to really meet your audience and inspire them to take action to do the thing YOU can help them to do.
I do this regularly and each time the feedback is in a similar vein eg
‘Thank you for inspiring me.’
‘Thank you for enlightening me’
‘Thank you for helping me see things differently’
Thank you for kick-starting me to take action!’
Which is why I do what I do. To inspire you to tell your story
Here are my top 5 tips for virtual speaking

  1. Get clear on the message that people need to hear right now aligned with your expertise
  2. Create a talk title that tells people HOW you can help or inspire them
  3. Find a virtual conference, festival or other online event with an audience that NEED to hear you speak.
  4. Pitch for the event explaining how you can help the audience
  5. Put your virtual keynote together and make a HUGE impact on people’s lives

There is a story that only you can tell and it may just be the pivotal thing that changes someone’s circumstances for the better. Hidden away inside you it isn’t doing any good in the world but if you take the time to start cultivating that message so you can share it far and wide the world may just be a better place for it. 
My virtual training pro course takes you through the steps to ace it as a virtual speaker with one module dedicated to delivering a virtual key note. Grab virtual speaking pro here

Much love

Helen x

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