I admitted something to myself this week.

I had two people whom I respect very much saying this to me…

‘You need to own it, Helen.’

It felt uncomfortable and awkward, and a little bit annoying!

But I needed to hear it.

More often than not we are pushing up against an invisible force field of limiting beliefs, saboteurs and blockers.

Anything or anyone has the power to hook and trigger us, make us shrink back into the shadows and feel less than.


When I realised that I have 100% control over my success, my bottom line profit, making my dreams a reality and creating an awesome future for my children, I got my arse in gear and started taking action.

  • I addressed those pesky saboteurs straight on and told them ‘I’m watching you, I know what’s happened here and I’m not going to let you stop me thank you very much!’
  • I stopped wading through the treacle of my mind and sat down and made a plan.
  • I did some research, listened to some podcasts, prioritised working on myself and got serious.
  • I started getting visible, the right kind of visible (work in progress, but there won’t be anything holding me back now.)
  • I invested in myself and signed up to an awesome mastermind for next year AS WELL as continuing to invest in a mindset/transformational coach.

I made a choice.

If I want the future I’m dreaming about….

I need to OWN THIS.

What about you?

If you need a friendly kick up the butt today to help you own it you might find my recent FB live helpful.

I give 4 ways that you can REALLY start owning it and live the life you are dreaming about.

I’m doing it! Want to join me??

Catch the video here

Much love

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