Is upping your visibility kind of important right now?


Want to grow your audience without having to spend a gazillion hours labouring on social media only to creep up your numbers?


I have some short cuts for you…


Here are three top ways to reach the maximum amount of people in the minimum amount of time



  • Go viral on video


Having a video go viral on FB, Youtube or LinkedIn is a sure fire way to reach more people very quickly. When my TEDx talk went onto the TED Youtube channel I automatically got put in front of 2.2million subscribers!



  • Spread your meme vibes


You’ve seen how quickly memes get shared. The word meme actually means ‘to be put in the mind and spread.’ which is why their spreading ability is so powerful. Imagine one of your own quotes spreading like wildfire!



  • Get on audio 


People are craving food for their soul right now, and are tapping into radio shows and podcasts at an increasing rate. Landing a podcast interview on a relevant topic can accelerate your reach exponentially. 


Let’s focus on number 3.

You can land a podcast interview just by getting clear on what the podcast audience needs to hear RIGHT NOW. And a bit of simple listening and research could have you well on your way. 


In my new training series Virtual Speaking Pro I help you to 

Cut the waffle and get to the point with my killer podcast formula.

  • Learn what the podcast hosts really want for a top interview experience
  • Refine your 3 minute story and ‘hot right now’ topics
  • Leave podcast listeners taking action and wanting more
  • Learn the insider tips and tricks for an interview flow as a smooth as chocolate

As well as training on WHAT to say and HOW to land the podcast interviews!


Virtual Speaking Pro is available for just £157 until 6th May.

Click the link to find out all the details of what’s included


Any questions? Please hit reply and ask. I’m here to help!


Much love

Helen x


Ps. Here is that link again https://helenpackham.com/virtual-speaking-pro


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