Does the thought of giving a talk make you melt with nerves? 

I still get nervous before delivering a talk whether it’s in real life or virtual.

But nothing quite like when I stood on the stage at the Brighton Dome and gave my TEDx talk.

It was the first time I’d stood up in front of a room full of people in four years (having previously vowed never to do it again.

Do you get excited about the thought of giving a talk but are worried that the nerves will take over as soon as you stand on that stage?


If so I have some tools and resources to help you!

  1. Watch this super short video where I share some quick tips 


  1. Watch this TED talk from Amy Cuddy sharing the science behind her Power Pose concept. It really works! 


  1. Think of what your positive affirmation or power word that would really boost your confidence in the moment and repeat!


  1. Visualise what the end of your talk will feel like (relief! Joy!) and keep that in your mind. There’s a fab NLP exercise called retrospective resource states that is fab for getting you right in the zone and feeling all the positive feels to go smash your talk (more info on that coming up!)


  1. Is the fear of public speaking getting in the way of you adding another income stream to your business? Download my free AIR assessment which looks at your levels of confidence and visibility. You can complete the assessment here


Much love


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