Do you have TED on your vision board?

You may have applied and not got anywhere and are wondering if it’s worth the bother.

I wholeheartedly say it is! Keep going and don’t give up. It’ll be worth it I promise.

But If you’ve tried and (so far) failed to secure a TEDx talk it could be because of one of these three things:

  1. Making it about you: It’s not about you, your business or your brand. That doesn’t work in the TED space. It’s all about the audience, what they will walk away with and the idea worth spreading
  2. Using it as a business platform: TEDx content guidelines (amongst other things) strictly state that the idea cannot be an opportunity for business promotion. An industry keynote or sell from the stage talk is more up your street if you are looking for that. It’s about the idea and how that can help or inspire others. It’s part of your legacy and about more than just business. 
  3. Making it too low level. I’ve mentioned this before but can’t stress it enough. People within society need to understand and relate to your idea, so If you are an expert in a niche subject, chunk it up to a level that most would get. 

Need more help with this?

  1. Watch my short video explaining the above
  2. Download my TEDx worthy checklist to get you in the right zone and shape your TEDx worthy idea
  3. Contact me and tell me your thoughts, fears or ideas, be great to hear them and see how I can help.

Much love


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