Last year, after a long hiatus, I rediscovered my love of mixing house music and the pure joy it gives me. I’m a complete amateur, self taught, and am learning as I go but I faced the fears I had and took action when I realised this was a passion I wanted back in my life.

If you have followed me for any period of time you will know that I am ALL about this. Courage has been my highest driver for a good few years now, and overcoming anxiety, taking action and facing those fears has been the biggest contributor to my business success.

Anxiety used to make me hide, stay small, not speak to people. It made me run away from my career, stop communicating. It put a stopper in me standing up and speaking. So I avoided and distracted instead of facing it straight on.

There was a time when that old pattern came up again. I didn’t want to show up, be visible, put myself forward for gigs, podcast interviews or anything else that requires speaking.

The speaker coach stopped speaking! That’s no bloody good is it!

If you feel like you are in a visibility slump right now then you aren’t alone. There are many external and internal forces at play that can put a blocker in your mind and a stopper in your mouth.

Here are a few tips that have helped me to get back on the path towards confident and consistent visibility.

1. Give yourself the nudge

If you know deep down that you are avoiding showing up right now, take a minute to shine a light on it and find out what’s really going on. What are you fearful of? What is really stopping you? Confidence? Clarity on what to say? The potential consequences of your visibility? It doesn’t always have to take a huge wake up call to start shining a light on your awareness and making a choice to think or act differently.

2. Face the facts

What is it really going to take to start showing up consistently, and how can you manage that in a way that works best for you?

For example, one of the blockers to my visibility was structure. I am totally out of routine and so the lack of structure was making me hide. So 18 months ago I came up with a simple content and repurposing plan that looks a little bit like this

Weekly I write

  • One email (just like this one!)
  • That email will be turned into a blog for my website
  • The blog will be shared to my Biz Page
  • The blog will be turned into an LinkedIn article
  • It will be broken down into three posts and shared on Instagram, my FB personal profile and LinkedIn

I have the support of my VA to help me deliver this so I don’t have to worry about ‘showing up’ when I am knee deep in the waters of the local lido splashing about with my kids. What could this look like for you?

3. Focus on what you want

If you are suffocating behind your silence and invisibility at the moment, stop focusing on what isn’t happening and start focusing on what you want to happen. When I started to focus on the outcome instead of the current reality, I was able to galvanise into action whilst working towards a positive goal.

So, if your lack of visibility is having an impact on your income streams right now….

Get clear on what you need to bring in each month and what that looks like in terms of your work. My financial goals have changed recently, so getting super clear on this provided a real kick in motivation.

Then put together an action plan of what needs to happen to achieve that goal. What content plan can you put in place to get you visible and heard? What clients can you reach out to sign up to your programme? What events are happening that you want to speak at? What podcasts or publications do you really want to feature on?

Take consistent and considered action towards those goals at times when you can give it your focus. If your current routine is up in the air, where can you find a bit of headspace and focus to take action and tick things off the list one by one? It doesn’t have to be huge, but all action is progress, so even taking one tiny action today can make all the difference in your visibility mindset.

If you feel like it’s your time to get super clear on your story, get yourself visible and out there and make a big impact in the world then shoot me a DM. I have something exciting coming soon and it may help you to put those ideas into action.

Much love

Helen x

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