This week has been a right hum dinger. A few things happened to knock me off my perch and try as I might, I found it tricky to show up consistently. My energy was reserved first and foremost for my clients, who I see achieving amazing things every day (and that really does make my heart sing!) but it didn’t leave room for much else.

I’m going to be sharing more about it in my group this week but I’m not writing this to tell you about me, I’m writing this because of you.

You see I know how I felt this week is how you may be feeling too

Think of how many hearts you can touch, comfort and inspire. Think of the change that you could create, the transformation you could enable. Your message is bigger than you. Many of us fall into the trap of thinking we have nothing of value to share but the truth is your story is powerful. It may be just the catalyst one person needs to change their life.

You are hiding and you are feeling yuck about it. It’s not a great feeling, because every day you don’t take that step forward in your business or show up and connect with others you are slipping further into a pit of self-sabotage. And nothing good happens there am I right?!

The frustrating thing is you know deep down that it’s all in there, but for the love of all things
pink and fluffy, you still aren’t doing anything about it. AAAH!

Well here are three common reasons why you might be hiding right now and what you can do about it:

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1. You are lacking clarity

Every time you go to take a step forward you take one back again because you are constantly second guessing yourself. You aren’t taking action because you are confused about who you want to help, how to help them and what to bloody say to them. This keeps you hidden as you are worried that you may say something that sounds silly, or you might not get any response at all!

What to do – retrace your steps and go back to the point on your journey that’s snagging you. It could be alignment with your values and passion, your story, your ideal client or services. Take the time to go back and reflect. Once you find the snagger, you will be flying!

2. You are lacking energy

When you lack energy you also lack creativity. The brain goes into survival mode and all those great ideas fizzle into thin air. So with a mental block, you decide to stay hidden as you wouldn’t know what to say anyway.

What to do – Be honest. Better to show up and tell people how you are feeling than hide and stay invisible. People need to hear about the light and shade. None of us are perfect and your followers will connect with you even more if you are honest. Another tip is to repurpose old content and share that with your followers, a great way of dipping into the vault and bringing out some gold!

3. You are lacking confidence

The two points above can certainly make a dent in your confidence, but you may also be struggling to believe that you can help people, and that they really do need your services. If you are doubting whether you can really do this, or that anyone will want to work with you, that hiding place will continue to look very comfy indeed.

What to do – Get out of your own way! Two of my wonderful clients had the realisation this week that it’s not anything to do with them and ALL about the people that need their help. Who are you helping by staying invisible? How many lives can you change? If it’s not about you, then you can give yourself the responsibility to show up and help as many people as possible. They need you!

How I can help you

If you are getting fed up of staying hidden and frustrated by the things that are blocking you, then I totally hear you. I have been there many times (and was there this last week!) You don’t have to hide any longer.

If you haven’t joined already, I welcome you to join my lovely free community of female entrepreneurs. It’s the perfect environment to build your confidence. All the ladies in there are on the journey with you.

Are you ready to kick start?

If you are ready to come out of the shadows with clarity, confidence and energy and take great strides forward in your business then my 1 month kick starter may be what you are looking for. We spend 1 month together busting those blocks that are holding you back, getting you super clear on what you need to fire forward, and I light a fire of confidence underneath you so wild horses won’t stop you!

What you get

A 1.5 hour intensive to go deep, get clear and set specific goals for the month ahead.

3 x further 1 hour 121 sessions to support, motivate, educate and hold you accountable.

Unlimited support throughout for sense checking, sound boarding and cheer leading!

Hit reply or book in a time to talk here.

Spaces available from 1st March.

Much love

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