Last week was a bit of a tricky one.

My son was very poorly and (understandably) everything was thrown up in the air for a good few days. In my sleep deprived delirium I wasn’t much use to anyone apart from my son, and so I moved the goal posts and was grateful for the flexibility that running my own business gave me.

But as the week went on, little miss self-doubt started to creep in, and as I watched so many other successful entrepreneurs being visible, declaring their wins and smashing their goals, I felt like I was sinking further and further back.

The truth is we ALL feel this way from time to time. Even the multi-millionaires have wobbles! Even the mindset gurus have stumbles! The trick is to catch on when this is happening and turn it around. Knowing that you have a choice is the first step to developing a resilient growth mindset that enables you to pick yourself up, dust yourself off and keep going!

Here are 3 express mindset tips that help me when I hit a stumbling block.

1. Listen to the cause –
people often just listen to the symptoms, which are just thoughts and feelings. Next time you feel annoyed, frustrated, held back, stop and listen to the deeper feelings. Ask yourself ‘what’s really going on here?’ Identify the root cause of the emotions you are experiencing.

2. Look back – so often our minds are racing ahead to all the things that might or might not happen. Next time you feel caught up in worrying thoughts (and where the next client or piece or work is coming from) take a moment to look back over the past couple of months. What have you achieved in that time? Write it all down and look at that evidence! I bet there will be a shed load of stuff that you have forgotten about.

3. Reach out today to one person of influence – the name of the biz game is ALL about building relationships. Connecting, giving value, helping others and spreading the word about what you do. If you are feeling stuck in the mud, what one person can you reach out to today? That person could be able to help you to reach more people, get more visible, make the impact you really want to make. Note – always do this in a way that isn’t pushy or clearly just about making you money. The art of influence is in building solid and real relationships that are mutually beneficial.

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Much love
Helen x


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