I know the deal 

You are a busy entrepreneur. You have limited time and you need to choose the time you spend on things wisely. 

So when you get a gazillion emails in your inbox asking you to buy a programme or attend an event you don’t want to make a decision straight away. 

You will get round to it later
You will have a think and then decide
I know because I am like you too!

So I’m giving you 12 reasons to make the decision to say YES to yourself and book a ticket to Entrepreneurial Leaders Live

And if you have any questions? Don’t be shy just hit comment. I’d love to answer them.

12 reasons to attend EL LIVE. 

1. You get the chance to REALLY tap into your story

Up until now, you may have thought of your story as a timeline of events that have led you to where you are today. This may feel disconnected to what you do, because you are focusing on the chain of events rather than the story and the message associated. I, along with the other speakers will show you how to pull out the parts of your story in a way that is highly compelling, and get’s people sitting up, engaging and signing up to you.
2. You will learn how to make your story marketable
You will have the opportunity to work out which parts of your story to use, based on what is MOST important to your audience, aligned with your passion and purpose. It can be confusing when thinking about which parts of you to share, what things to focus on, because some might not seem relevant. Let us help you with that. 

 3. You get to learn from the best
I’ve hand picked high profile leaders, speakers and emerging entrepreneurs who have tapped into their own experiences and are now using them to change thousands of people’s lives through the art of storytelling. Ann Daniels, the polar explorer has travelled to places we can never think imaginable and is now sharing her stories in a wonderfully compelling way. There are also people just like you and I speaking, who will prove that you don’t need to have experienced great tragedy to tell a compelling story. 
4. You get to put your learning into action 
It’s not just all about the inspiration. At EL live you get to take away practical tools and strategies that will help increase your sales, directly influence how you market yourself every day and boost your authority and visibility. With the day 2 pass, you will learn from Jessica Lorimer how to create a stand out profit plan for the year ahead. Sally Bunkham will be sharing out to harness the power of PR on a tiny budget, and I will be sharing how you can use storytelling in your day to day marketing to really make an impact. 
5. You get to invest the time and space in YOU. 
When was the last time you took the time to delve into why you are here today doing what you do? Add an incredible high energy learning environment AND a luxury spa experience and the ideas will be spilling out before you know it! You get an all access pass to The Harbour Spa (as well as loads of other amazing practical talks and time for connection) when you buy the 2 day pass. 
6. You get to share your story to an audience 
If you have had a burning passion inside you to share your story, but you haven’t yet found the courage to do it, then this will be the perfect opportunity. After taking in all the inspiration and learning, you will have the chance to take to the mic at the end of Day 1. With the crowd whopping cheering and supporting you. You can’t put a price on how that feels. Grab your ticket here 

7. You will build relationships with key influencers
Some of my most influential win/win relationships have been forged at live events. Speaking to people in a high energy environment forges amazing relationships. It’s not often you get to be in the same room as Polar explorers, TEDx curators, PR professionals and connected colleagues. The possibilities are endless and all you have to do is be you. 
8. You will make deep connections with potential fans, followers and clients
I’ve been to quite a few events now where I had met the attendees online beforehand. It is such an amazing experience to strengthen and deepen those relationships when you step out from behind the computer screen. I have signed clients from every live event I have attended because face to face connection is way more powerful than just talking online. 
9. You will find potential speaking gigs
Speakers refer speakers! I’ve had so many speaking opportunities come my way from connecting with speakers at other events. They have led to paid gigs, podcast interviews and training days. Speakers who are already on the entrepreneurial speaking circuit can refer you for opportunities, these opportunities come all the more easily when you aren’t in the same room.

10. You get direct and focused feedback
There are experts in all niches coming together to speak at EL live. Lewis Raymond Taylor is a world class mindset coach who really knows his stuff. Jessica Lorimer is a highly successful Sales Coach who has built her own 7 figure business and is helping others do the same. Ann Daniels can take lessons from all her experiences and help you to connect yours with your audience. Toby Moore knows all about how to help people share their stories from the TEDx stage, and I can help you use your stories to stand out as an expert and leader in your field and win more business. You get focused support on whatever you need help with by purchasing one of the remaining VIP tickets. Coaching from anyone of these amazing people will be worth its weight in gold. Grab one of the remaining VIP tickets here
11. You get to be part of a community
Coming to EL live isn’t just about the event itself. I’ve created a community where the attendees and speakers are building relationships even before they come together in one room. As soon as you purchase your ticket you will get immediate access to the EL live 2018 community where people are already building connections and planning how to get the most out the the experience. 
There is a social on the evening of day 1, where attendees get to share more conversation over some delicious food. The online group will be the perfect place to carry on conversations and continue to grow relationships long after the event. 
12. If you can’t make it you can still make it.
Purchasing a virtual ticket means you get to experience all the learning, inspiration and transformation from Day 1 AND get to take part too! As a virtual attendee you will get access to the slides before the event and will have lifetime access to all the talk recordings afterwards. You will also get the opportunity to ask questions on the day too, just like you would if you were in the room with us. Grab your virtual ticket here

The early bird price ends 30th April at midnight. Book your ticket to Entrepreneurial Leaders Live 2018 here

Much love

Helen x

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