I had a bit of a pin drop moment last week. 

I ran an open mic competition in my Facebook community Sought After Speakers inviting people to share their 3 minute story.

As I sat down on Friday and watched the videos from all the incredible people that took part, some emotions started welling up inside me.

I felt emotionally connected.

I felt familiarity. I could relate to a lot of what they were saying.

I felt warmth. These amazing people had shown great courage to show up and be vulnerable.

I felt inspired by their strength.

And then I felt something else. A pin dropped and I realised that these people were doing the thing that I had not been doing. I hadn’t been showing up and sharing stories in the group. 

I hadn’t been using the group for its exact purpose! I’d been isolating due to life stuff, and it took watching these incredible 3 minutes stories for me to be triggered back into action.

You see, I see what happens when people share stories. Exactly what happened to me.

  • Emotional connection
  • Familiarity and warmth
  • Inspiration 

Those feelings bring us together, make us stronger, and even more courageous to get out there. 

That’s what it’s all about. 

So there are going to be a few changes to what’s happening within Sought After Speakers – all geared towards helping you show up, share your stories, make money and change lives.

Are you with me?


I’ll be going live tomorrow at 9.15am to tell you a story (the clue is in the title of this blog.) I’ll also be telling you about the new exciting things coming to the group, PLUS I’ll be announcing the winner of the open mic competition. Someone will win a mini speaker intensive with me worth £597! 

I’d love to see you at 9.15am tomorrow.

Much love


Ps. You can join the group here www.facebook.com/groups/soughtafterspeakers

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