Since I made the decision to niche the F down, things have really started to roll.

The superpower I had in my corporate days was helping leaders deliver messages in simple and compelling ways to thousands of people.

I haven’t owned that superpower until recently when I decided to offer a new service, my speaker intensive.

I’ve never sold a package as easily as this. I did no promo at all and had three people sign up straight away. Another bunch of awesome people snapped it up when I offered it at EL Live this year too.

And I’ve noticed a pattern.

Working with these eager and talented entrepreneurs, academics and innovators, I have noticed that they will be at different stages on their speaker journey. They may already be established speakers looking to take their game to the next level in terms of content and delivery, or might be just starting out.

So, because of this….

My 7 key storytelling system is taking shape!

A lot of people come to me with speaking as the focus. But there is so much more that comes before actually speaking.

That’s where my storytelling system comes in.

I’ve worked with a fair few clients now.

And I’ve found what gets them the best results the quickest is working on the following…

1. Key values. That underpin how you show up in the world, what you live and die by and how you want to steer your ship.

2. Key story. Your core story, the one that got you here today. We dive deep into it and pick out the most relevant, key points along the way. Including the right storytelling structures and tools for you.

3. Key USP. Out of the story comes the USP. The thing that stands you apart from everyone else because of YOUR history, YOUR experience. The thing that’s going to make you stand out as an authority in your field.

4. Key messages. Out of the story also comes the key messages. The messages that you can use for your content marketing, website, video, talks, it’s all in there. We also define your ‘go left’ messages. What you are saying that others aren’t, and how you can add your unique stamp.

5. Key method. We create a method, framework or philosophy that is uniquely yours. This raises your authority and credibility and gets you known as THE go to expert in your niche.

6. Key structures. Then we work out HOW you share this. Talks, workshops, Facebook lives, webinars, courses, conferences, podcasts. I have structures for them all. And with impact and presence too. There is a LOT to this key, and it can be unpacked in many different ways.

7. Key strategy. Finally, we put a plan of action in place for pitching, connecting, reaching out to and communicating with the right people in the right ways to raise your impact , authority and reach.

I’ve had some amazing results so far from helping my clients with their 7 keys.

If you would like support to become a sought after speaker and communicator, be it on a live stream, on a programme, at a workshop, or at a big industry event then hit reply to register your interest.

I have two intensive spots opening up in September, and two in October, and if you move quickly, I’ll be combining it with a very special bonus that will really help you to shoot for and reach the speaking stars.

So you can stand out, get recognised as an expert and win more business.

Much love Helen x

Ps. Just hit reply if you are interested in finding out more and I’ll share the deets with you.

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