When I first started this business I like many other people was swept away by all the hype I saw on Facebook. I had no clue that an online coaching world existed until an Ad popped up in my newsfeed one day in December 2015.

A glamorous coach was claiming that she had made 40k in 6 months and was charging $5000 for her 121 coaching programme. I was flabbergasted. I didn’t think it was possible to command those sorts of prices outside the corporate world.

And so the seed was planted. and I became obsessed!

I started researching the online coaching industry and found organisations like Ever Coach, and people like Gina Devee. I found out who had trained under these people and how well they were doing. It became incredibly exciting and over Christmas that year I spent a lot of time feeding my baby with one hand and feverishly researching coaches with the other.

At the time I was on ‘maternity’, scraping by on the money from my sleep coaching business, where I was charging very little for a huge amount of work.

But this gave me new hope.

I was buoyed by the sense that it was possible, that I could use my corporate experience to build a business. That the clients would start flooding in and once I’d mastered the ‘formula’ that everyone was talking about, and that would be it.

Success would be mine! (cue Dracula laugh.)

I even started planning how many days a month I could work (2!) in order to make the money I needed.

I look back on it now and laugh.

I started building my business in January 2016 and encountered many many hurdles. I continually got confused, frustrated and stuck. I could see everyone else taking action around me, but I didn’t know what to do next in order to take another step forward.

I didn’t see anyone talking about this, and what was needed in order for clarity, confidence and action to occur. So I set about working it out for myself.

I honed in on what steps were needed in order for me to be clear on who I wanted to serve, how I wanted to serve them and what I wanted to say. I knew that I had to build a house on solid foundations because my first business was not. That meant finding a way to stand out using my own unique qualities.

After signing my first client, I set about testing this formula on them, and I realised that it worked. In fact it has worked with every client since and I have gone back and used it countless times myself.

It has enabled me to continuously move forward, take action, gain confidence and see some incredible results.

I call it The Clarity Mountain.

Are you currently struggling with inaction, even though you know you have a lot to give and offer to others?

Are you feeling snagged by the tangle you find yourself in?

Are you overwhelmed each day knowing that you could do so many things but doing nothing because you don’t know what to do first?

I hear you!

Knowing that you have the experience to help others but NOT knowing how to get out there is a tricky place to be.

Helen xx

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