You may or may not know that last October I did a wing walk to raise money for Pancreatic Cancer in memory of my Dad. It was a crazy awesome experience. I raised £1500 for charity and nearly had my head blown off by the wind! You can check out a little clip of it here.

When I was signing the (scary) disclaimers I asked the pilot about how safe it really was. He replied in his wonderfully plummy voice:

 ‘Not to worry, I’ll get you up and down safely. I have a 100% safety rate and have done this many many many times before.’ 

I knew I could trust him!

But imagine if he’d said…..

‘Don’t worry, I’ll get you there safely, I’ve seen lots of other people do it and it seems fine, although I’ve never set foot in a cockpit myself.’ 

I would NOT have got up there and strapped myself to the wing! 

It just wouldn’t have happened. 

It’s the same when getting support to become a sought after speaker. When I want to achieve something I am far more likely to trust in someone who has experience in the thing they are helping with.  

Because on the flip side, it’s kind of like:

If you wanted to deliver a top keynote talk, getting help from someone who had never given a keynote talk or had experience or training in how to deliver one.

If you have dreams of TEDx, seeking help from someone who had never given one themselves.

If you wanted to land that dream TEDx talk, hiring someone who had never curated an event.

If you wanted to convert leads into clients by giving a ‘sell from the stage talk’ at an industry event, getting help from someone who had never done that before.

If you needed help to confidently share your story in an articulate, compelling, and professional way, hiring someone who’s only experience is giving a few talks themselves.

There are many awesome speaker coaches out there, and who you choose will be based on your goals, needs, and preferences.

But just to put it out there (lol)……

Everything I support my clients in achieving, I have done myself. 

  • Coached and trained thousands of corporate leaders and independent coaches on how to communicate with impact. From presentations to briefings to keynote talks to TED talks. 
  • Gave a TEDx talk in 2017 to 1500 people with only 24 hours to prepare. 
  • Since launching my TEDx course just over seven months ago FIVE of my clients have landed TEDx gigs.
  • Given keynote talks for my own conferences and events as well as for others. And have studied in geek-like proportions the components of a top keynote talk.
  • ‘Sold from the stage’ and know how to turn warm audience leads into happy fulfilled clients
  • Trained and been trained in the magical tools of verbal communication. From NLP to storytelling, to improvisation to acting. I’ve also been coached by some world-renowned speaking professionals.
  • Curated my own conferences and am a lead curator for TEDx Moseley. I put together the speaker application process and criteria based on my insider knowledge of TED. (top secret – when you put on a TED event you get access to a whole library of TED resources. It’s HEAVEN.)


If you really want to make 2021 count by getting paid to speak, generating leads from your speaking, or raising your profile and reach as a speaker then I’d love to talk to you.

I’m opening up my calendar for some stand out strategy sessions. They are 30 minutes and you leave with a clear plan of action as well as insight into how I can help you. 

These calls are for you if you are ready and willing to take the step-up required to achieve your dream speaker goals with someone who has been there and done it!

No messing.

You can book a call here

Much love

Helen x

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