As I write this I’m just about to sign off completely for the first time in well over a year for some much needed downtime with my kids. If you run your own business I am sure you know that switching off completely is far from easy. But I’ve contacted all my private and corporate clients to inform them, turned on my out of office and am ready for a week of headspace, sun and sea!

Before I go though I wanted to give a little update on my summer of YES. I made a personal commitment to myself to really tune into my feminine energy and be guided into action rather than to push forward with it from a masculine edge. It’s led to so many wonderful encounters professionally and personally, meeting new people, experiencing new things and I finally got the tattoo I’d been thinking about for years!

The tattoo is of my motto ‘Feel To The Edges Of Everything’ You can check out the reel on my Instagram page to see it being done. That reel led to a number of inbox messages asking for its meaning. So here goes:

❤️ When I was younger and we used to go for walks along the cliffs of the south coast I had to lie down and crawl to the edge for fear of involuntarily leaping off!

❤️ When I got diagnosed with an anxiety disorder I used to go to the edges of my house and wonder what happened to make me want to stay so safe and small and hidden

❤️ When my son was born I used to watch him reach to the edges of his cot to feel secure

❤️ When I started to set big scary goals in my biz I knew that standing on a big scary stage and sharing my story was the craziest bestest thing to do

❤️ When my marriage ended I felt like I had to break the bubble of what I knew and explore the wild blue yonder

❤️When my dad died I felt the urge to seize the fibres of every single day because he was taken too soon

❤️ When lockdown happened I felt the peace of experiencing the fullness and gratitude of everything I had already within the confines of isolation

This motto has seen me through so many experiences. It means different things but everything at the same time. That’s why it is now etched on my skin.

It guides me through my limits and obstacles.

It’s a message to go for it. Do it even if you are scared, show up and take action. Seize the day and seize your life every day like it was your last because this is all temporary. And feel every goddamn moment.

This got me thinking about mottos. Having a motto for me keeps me focused on my purpose and direction, how I want to show up in the world and move forward authentically.

What motto means the world to you?

Hit comment and let me know.

I’ll get back to you when I’m back from my hols!

Much love

Helen x

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