Blimey, what a week it’s been! There we all were ready to start the new year with a bang and 2021 pulled the rug from beneath our feet before we had even stepped on it! 

I’ve just come up for air from homeschooling, trying to keep my kids from beating each other up and preventing myself from climbing the walls of my house!

If you are reading this you most likely run your own business (or lead a business) where showing up and connecting with potential clients and customers is crucial to generate leads. 

You might also be offering a service that is born from your own experiences, skills, journey or passions and so you are very much connected to how you help people.

If you nodded yes to those two then I have a question for you:

How important is it for you to share your story this year?

Chances are you know it’s super important because it is a sure-fire way of creating the ever so crucial ‘know, like trust’ factor that your clients need in order to buy from you.

You may also know that it is a great way of building authority and credibility around your services, making you the ‘go to’ expert in your niche.

And you are probably clued up on the fact that people buy real, genuine and authentic people, and that sharing your story is the best way for people to learn all about you and who you are.


You still haven’t done it.

Some reasons why might be:

  • You don’t know where to start in putting it together
  • There is so much to your story you don’t know what to include 
  • You feel like it might come across as boasting or ‘me me me’
  • There is some really personal stuff you are shy about sharing
  • You don’t want to bare your soul to complete strangers
  • Some family members might not know parts of your story
  • You are worried what old school friends, past colleagues and other people might think of you if you share it on social media
  • You don’t think your story is big enough or interesting enough
  • You aren’t 100% sure how to connect it with your business
  • Your business has shifted and evolved and you are no longer clear on what your story ‘should’ be about
  • You don’t know how to share it to achieve your goals.

If any of this rings true you are by no means alone! I speak to coaches, consultants and biz owners ALL the time about this and these are the most frequent and common blockers that come up.

I’m here to help.

Here are a few ways

  1. Remove the blocks
If you have visibility blockers holding you back then I have something to give you. Just hit reply and ask me for my Visibility Blockers Worksheet. I’ll send it to you completely free, no opt in required.
  1. Be brave, be seen.
If you decide to grab the bull by the horns and just do it, tag me in your video or post for some moral support!
  1. Get clear AND confident
I’m pretty booked out with client and corporate work right now, and given I now have less time due to lockdown, I have just FOUR places available for my Story and Strategy Mini intensive. 

Book before the end of Jan (the session can be taken in the next six months) and you get:
A two hour deep dive coaching session where we will map out the core story of your business in full, blitz any blockers getting in your way and put together a strategy for getting super visible, sharing your story and generating those white hot leads. 


This offer is ONLY available to book before the end of January and I only have four places available for just £497 (can be split into two payments if needed.)


If you’d like to secure one of these places just send me a message and grab one! 


If you have any questions I am of course happy to answer those too.


In a year that necessitates we stay inside, it’s time to finally own your amazing story, get yourself out there and start making some waves. 


Much love


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