I work with many different people who are at different places on their speaker journey. Some are just starting to dip their toe in and are driven by dreams and passion. Some are wanting to take their skills to the next level. And some are well seasoned and looking for the next big speaker goal to achieve. 

But one thing I do know is that having foundations in place can really help accelerate your speaking career. It builds your confidence and also enables you to land the types of gigs you want, quicker.

Here are a few:

  • Choosing your topics – and focusing on messages that align with your expertise and leverage you as an authority in your field
  • Connection with the audience – being able to deliver a talk so you are ‘with the audience’ rather than talking at them
  • Articulation – knowing what to say and how to deliver those words clearly and succinctly
  • Impact – using the right words and stories to connect with the audience and achieve maximum engagement and the outcomes you are looking to achieve
  • Presence – knowing how to present yourself without words so that it enhances your talk rather than takes away from it
  • Interaction – knowing how to interact with your audience so that they continue to engage with you and go deeper into what you are sharing with them
  • Simplicity – keeping your talk as minimal and simple as possible in terms of words, slides and information 
  • Storytelling – using the most powerful tool in human communication to deliver your talk authentically and with maximum impact
  • Structure – having a flow and arc to your talk that means it is going somewhere, has a purpose and an outcome for the audience.

I’d love to know, out of all of these, what is the ONE thing you need to develop in order to enhance your speaking skills? Hit reply and let me know.

Want support in getting your foundations in place?

My free AIR assessment gives you a visual snapshot of where you are in areas of Authority, Impact and Reach and a step by step action plan on how you can make progress.

 Grab it for free here https://helenpackham.lpages.co/no-cookie-air-assessment-hp-home-page-free-opt-in/

Much love

Helen x

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