I help entrepreneurs increase their impact, authority and reach through the power of storytelling and speaking

As small-business owners and entrepreneurs we have to deal with challenges, problems, fears and unexpected issues on a weekly basis. We may have broken free from the corporate world and created a freedom-based business to enjoy more time doing the things we love, but a lot of the time we simply don’t feel much freedom!


In fact, sometimes it can feel like we’re trying to juggle eggs blindfolded on a rollercoaster …

(and that’s never going to end well!)

Are you passionate about sharing your knowledge, expertise, products or services but just feel invisible in the online space? Perhaps you feel stuck somewhere between feeling afraid of standing out and afraid of blending in.

Have you been showing up consistently and creating valuable content but feel disappointed that your efforts aren’t converting into cash and clients?

Do you find yourself always playing catch-up and never quite able to get on top of planning, strategy and creating a decent income?

If so, you’re not alone!

How would it feel to completely turn things around in the next few months and make that dent in the universe that you’ve been dreaming of for years?

What if you stepped out of the shadows, shared your story and became known as the leader in your industry?

What if people described you as inspirational, passionate and authentic and hailed you as a credible, authentic role-model?

Just a few short years ago as a new mum of two, with cripplingly low self-esteem, I never dreamed that I’d one day be described in this way, or be sharing my thought leadership and speaking skills as an expert coach and creating an impact all around the world. 

And if I can rise up and make this amount of change in my life, to build a thriving business and a legacy, then so can you.

Do you have a story to tell, a message to share or a mission to promote but you need help stepping out of the shadows to build a bigger and engaged audience?

Do you have credible expertise in a particular area and know that it’s time for you to stand out, get recognised and really make a difference in the world?

Do you want to make waves in your industry but need help and support to create a visibility strategy?

Stand Out and Speak Intensive 

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‘She believed she could, so she did.’

Hi, I’m Helen,

A thought-leadership expert and business and speaker coach for big-hearted entrepreneurs who want to stand out as the expert in their field, build an engaged audience and grow platforms that create an impact aligned to their mission and values.

I love to coach and collaborate with people who share my values of empowerment and personal development, compassion and kindness, honesty and integrity.

My dream clients take consistent action to achieve their goals, are hard-working and energetic and understand the importance of having fun along the way.

Many of the people I’ve worked with over the past two years came to me at a point where they were stuck and frustrated.

But through the combination of their hard work and determination and my guidance and support, they’ve gone on to achieve incredible things, including TEDx talks to over a thousand people, sell out programme launches, thriving podcasts and an steady stream of new clients and customers.

I feel so honoured and privileged that I’m able to create a difference to people’s lives so that they, in turn, can serve their highest purpose.

It’s all about the ripple effect.

‘Working with Helen has been an absolute game changer. I have a clear plan, I’m running at peak confidence and above all, I started signing high-end clients within weeks of us starting working together.
I’ve gone from thinking about going back to my corporate career to feeling as though I have a successful and sustainable high-end coaching business.
Telling my story in video format is, I think, one of the biggest breakthrough’s I’ve ever had. Just genius.’
Rebecca Morley

Coach, Rebecca Morley

Working with Helen has been incredible.  I’m now able to walk into a room and share my story with confidence. She has taught me the skills to adapt my stories for different audiences and situations with ease.  And I have a huge depth of stories that were there but were hidden from my view – she helped me find them again.  As part of our time working together I developed the outline for a book that I had been dreaming about writing.  I approached a national publisher and we have a face to face meeting next week to discuss it in more detail.  I owe this to Helen
Kim Palmer

Clementine App

I know that I could never have achieved what I have if I hadn’t had my amazing coach, Helen, by my side.
Helen helped me to put real structure into my business, but she also helped me to realise that I was unique and I did have something very special to offer.
I didn’t believe that when I started.
I highly recommend that anyone who wants to really make a difference seriously considers working with this amazing lady.’
Jules White

Coach, Compassio Coaching

Are you a big-hearted, action-taking, fun-loving entrepreneur ready to stand out as the expert in your field, build an engaged audience and grow platforms
that create an impact aligned to your mission and values?

If this is you, read on..

Throughout 2019 and beyond, I’m offering you the opportunity to work with me on a deeper level to achieve the results you dream of.

Whether you’re looking at:

Building your speaker skills

Becoming known as the thought leader in your industry or

Creating a business strategy to raise your visibility to attract an audience of raving fans that can’t wait to buy from you

1-1 coaching with me will enable you to step up your game, step out of the shadows and step into the spotlight.

Rather than create a complicated tier of 1-1 coaching programmes, I’m keeping my offerings to you really simple.

Why? Because I understand how much overwhelm and confusion you already feel as an entrepreneur,
speaker or small business owner.

Every client I work with receives the same level of commitment, enthusiasm and expertise
from me, but you get to choose which time frame and weekly/monthly commitment fits
you and your business right now.

The Three Key Areas we’ll work on together…


I will support and guide you through the process to becoming a thought leader, industry expert and sought-after speaker. We will ensure you raise your influence and impact by sharing your unique ideas, story, voice and message with the world. In addition to building a larger and more engaged client base, I will help you to define what makes you different and how you can stand out to get featured in magazines, land speaking gigs and produce a variety of content that converts into paying clients.


Together we’ll look at the bigger picture in order to find clarity and to create the practical action steps that yield great results. As a professional coach, I have various tools and formulae to help you create the perfect strategy for your business today and the goals you have for the future.


With over fifteen years’ experience in the business and leadership psychology field, I will help you to define your greatest performance factors and your biggest derailers. I use a variety of psychometric tools and energy management strategies to ensure you perform at your peak capacity without burning out or feeling overwhelmed. It’s a well known fact that high performers aren’t well rounded. Instead, they tend to focus their energy and time in the areas they excel and leaves the weakest links exposed.

My Commitment To You

I will help you to build an engaged following of raving fans who love to work with you and promote your expertise.

I will help you to get super clear on your target audience so you can create and deliver sell-out services that solve their problems and help them achieve their dreams.

I will help you to create a business strategy that enables you to get in front of your dream clients without spending all day online or taking time away from your family and social life.

I will help you to implement a business model and strategy that is completely aligned to your zone of genius and showcases your talents as the expert in your field.

I will help you to create the impact you desire by defining the small steps and action you need to take along the way.

How Coaching Works:

As a professional, certified coach with two decades of experience in both the corporate and private sectors, the most important aspect is holding the space for you to find the answers within.

I will be your supporter, your cheerleader, your coach and your mentor. I’m massively invested in you and will connect emotionally to your business so that I can connect to your deeper story and help you to share your unique gifts with your audience.

Together, we’ll ride the waves, the highs and the lows, until you’re able to find the gold hidden deep within you.

My biggest strengths are personal development, relationship building, finding connections and empathy and I’ll be your accountability partner throughout. So even when the journey gets tough, we’ll keep working through the blocks until you can move forward with ease and confidence.

Working with me on a coaching programme will ensure you develop your self-belief, courage and self-confidence. You’ll feel empowered and enthusiastic to put everything into action. Plus, you’ll be growing an engaged audience, increasing your visibility and creating more income doing what you love.

What could be better than using your unique gifts and talents to make a difference in the world and stand out as the expert in your field?

Intensive Coaching Session Options:

1.5 hour intensive (with 2 weeks follow up) – £357
Half day intensive -£1500
1 day intensive-£1997

Intensive coaching sessions are held  in person in London or Sussex or via Zoom video call if you’re not based in (or can’t easily get to) the south-east of England.

* Prices go up 31st January 2019

Long term Coaching Programmes:

1 month coaching programme – £1497

2 month coaching programme – £1997

3 month coaching programme – £4500

6 month coaching programme – £5000

The 1, 2 and 3 month coaching programmes include one 60 minute call per week.

The 6 month coaching programme includes 2 x 60 minute calls per month (bi-weekly).
ALL programmes include unlimited Voxer or email support.

PLUS, your package includes written documents and resources and access to relevant group programme content. You will also be given priority opportunities to apply to become a speaker at my live events, with discounts on all other events, products and services too.

* Prices go up 31st January 2019

If you’re ready to step into the spotlight,
maximise your potential and become the leader
you’ve always dreamed of, then now is the time.

Book your complimentary clarity call today to ensure that we’re both a good fit for each other and
to help choose the most suitable programme for your needs and goals.

Is 1:1 coaching good for me?


If you’re an enthusiastic, driven, fun-loving entrepreneur or small business owner
who is ready to take action and is open to being coached, guided and supported,
then 1-1 coaching will help you to achieve your goals.

But … if you’re the type of person who slacks off, doesn’t keep appointments,
puts in minimal effort or has an excuse for everything, then 1-1 coaching is NOT for you.


Book your complimentary clarity call today to ensure that we’re both a good fit for each other and
to help choose the most suitable programme for your needs and goals.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you offer payment plans on the long term coaching programmes?

Payment plans can be arranged for the two to six month programmes. One month coaching and
short term intensive sessions must be paid in full in advance.

I want to create a small business while still working a full time job, is the coaching suitable for me?

Absolutely. The coaching programmes will boost your self-confidence as well as ensuring you have
complete clarity on your business plan and a strategy that enables you to share your unique gifts
and talents in the shortest time frame possible each week. As long as you can be flexible with
appointment times (I have limited availability for evening sessions) and are committed to taking
action then we’re all good!

How do I know if we are the right fit?

Working with a coach is a very personal experience and we both have to feel that it is the right fit.
It’s like buying a house – it has to feel right. Our clarity call is designed to ensure we both feel good
about the partnership and excited to imagine the great things that will happen.

What makes you different from the other coaches out there?

I believe that every coach is unique – rather like a snowflake – bringing years of their own
professional and personal experience to the coaching relationship, as well as their own special
approach and personality. Competition doesn’t exist because the coaching experience is so very
personal. I bring to the table just what my client needs at that particular time. I believe it’s essential
that we get to know each other to see if we are a good fit, so that we can discover if I am the
missing link you need right now.

I don’t think I have the time to commit to coaching, any advice?

If you are still in a full time job and/or have a young family, I hear you! On the surface it may seem
difficult to be able to find the time or energy to do anything beyond day-to-day living, but if you want
something badly enough, you’ll make it happen! When you commit to a specific goal or dream,
take action steps to make it happen, then time becomes available to you and energy will flow in
abundance. Our thoughts become things, so if you believe it will happen (and take the action), it
will happen! I have plenty of tools and resources to share with you to enable you to effectively

balance your time and energy to ensure that nothing tips out of balance. I’m a strong believer of
family coming first and will help you in any way I can to ensure you get the most out of your
coaching whilst maintaining strong, healthy, happy family relationships.

Any other questions?
Please drop me an e-mail:

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