Ready to make your mark


I provide empowering coaching programmes that enable entrepreneurs to stand out as

leaders in their field, build an engaged and loyal following and win more business as a result.

When it comes to entrepreneurial business building, it’s a minefield.


On the one hand you are so excited about sharing your gifts in a big way. You really do feel like you are living the dream, you are so incredibly passionate, and you will make this biz thing a HUGE success.

On the other hand you are feeling invisible. You see so many other people doing the same thing, you have no idea what will get you noticed and taken seriously.  

Any of this sound familiar?


You are currently stuck in a bubble (probably on Facebook) climbing up the sides and getting nowhere fast

Hiding because you fear you sound the same as everyone else

Feeling a frustrated niggle that you aren’t making the dent in the universe you really want to be making

Worrying that showing up as an authentic leader, with real views might offend, so you soften your edges and get tumbleweed instead

Doubting your story is relevant or big enough, and would fall on deaf ears if you shared it

Your talks, webinars and lives aren’t hitting the mark with your followers and worse, aren’t converting

You are getting triggered left right and centre by people nailing their live streams, TED talks (a dream for you) featured articles and programmes, making you sink further into the shadows

You spend most days chasing your tail, rather than thinking about the long term strategy you KNOW will get you the results you crave

I know you are different to those others you see…


You are on a mission to make waves in this crazy world

You have a big shining purpose, you’ve got opinions and ideas and you are absolutely busting to share them

You dream of walking on a stage and inspiring thousands of people (even if it scares you a tad!)

You know deep down that what you have matters and CAN make a difference

“I can’t put into words how much Helen has helped me to transform my thinking around my career and ambitions. Helen showed me how to unlock my courage to create a passionate service and share it with the world. Working with Helen gave me the thought process to understand how could combine my experience with my big dreamut into words how much Helen has helped me to transform my thinking around my career and ambitions. Helen showed me how to unlock my courage to create a passionate service and share it with the world. Working with Helen gave me the thought process to understand how could combine my experience with my big dream”

Karen Ramsey-Smith

Founder , Big Picture Coaching

So what if it COULD be possible?


What if you were able to stand out in a sea of other business owners, coaches or consultants and get recognized as THE go to authority in your field?

What if you were able to not only FIND  and REACH your ideal audience, but build a large following of raving fans that want to BUY from you?

What if you were delivering sought after services with premium prices that go right to the heart of your customer’s biggest problems and SOLVES them?

What if you knew what the next year’s business plan looked like, all beautifully aligned with your vision and mission? What would it feel like to bag that speaking gig of a life time, to get featured in your favourite publication?

What if you were able to not only FIND  and REACH your ideal audience, but build a large following of raving fans that want to BUY from you?

This can happen!

How do I know?

Because I made it happen…


I’m Helen! It’s great to meet you.

I use my background in corporate leadership development and executive coaching, combined with my experience of building two successful online businesses, to help entrepreneurs really make their mark in business.


My passion lies in helping business owners to share their ideas with courage and stand out as authentic and credible leaders in the entrepreneurial space. A passionate speaker, I am an authority in business strategy, speaking, thought leadership and leading a community of engaged and happy clients.


I truly believe that all women in business have a TED talk inside them, and have what it takes to really make their own dent in the Universe.

“I would highly recommend working with Helen.  Her programme has it all.  Private 1-1, group support and amazing content that is so thought provoking and structured in a clear and easy way.  However the best part is Helen herself.  She manages the balance of caring, really listening and more importantly, subtly challenging you to reflect on your own thoughts and make plans to move forward.  It all feels so natural with Helen and you know you are in safe hands.  Finding a coach that you connect with is so important, so thank you from the bottom of my heart, I have loved spending time with you and the other ladies in this group, it really has been a transforming experience for me.”

Gemma Stow

Empowerment Coach


A few reasons to work with me…


I launched this business in April 2016 and surpassed my corporate salary in just 6 short months.

I have built an engaged following of wonderful fans who want to work with me and I found them on AND off Facebook.

I have learned how to get super clear on what my target audience looks like and what they really need. This has enabled me to deliver knock out, sell out services that solve their problems and achieve their desires.

I’ve been able to apply a marketing strategy that enables me to get right in front of my dream clients without spending all day online and taking time away from my young family.

I have implemented a business model and strategy completely aligned with my zone of genius, and am recognised as a thought leader in my field.

My mission to make a wider impact is coming true. As well as being published in places like Huffington Post and Raspberry magazine, and building relationships with key influencers, I achieved my ultimate goal, speaking at TEDx Brighton 2016 to 1500 people.

I can help you in three key areas

Influence – Raising your influence and impact by sharing your unique ideas, story, voice and message with the world in big ways. This looks like building a tribe of engaged and loyal clients, defining what stands you apart, getting featured, landing speaking gigs and nailing your virtual skills so that your webinars, live streams and posts convert.

Strategy – I’m all about big picture clarity and practical action that gets you results. Depending on where you are in your business we will use either my ‘Clarity Mountain’ or ‘Mission Mansion’ formula to develop and execute a strategy that will nail your goals.

Performance – High performers aren’t well rounded. Instead, they spend their time and energy on their areas of greatest strength. I use my 15 years experience in the field leadership and business psychology to help you define your greatest factors for performance and your biggest derailers. I use psychometric tools and time and energy management strategies to get you out of your own way and performing at your peak.

What it’s like to work with me


I’m a coach and a mentor.

You’ll find me holding the space and really listening to you, enabling you to find the answers first and foremost. That’s my background, years of training and experience doing this at a senior level. 

But when there is a need for information sharing, I’m there with practical strategies, helping you simplify things and get clear on the things that need to be done to achieve your goals. In ways that tap into your creative side, that make sense to your preferences. 

My top strengths are – empathy, developing others, leading and relationship building. This pretty much sums up my approach.  I understand that the road is tough, but I won’t avoid talking about that.

I like tuning in to what’s not being said and bring that out into the open so that you can tackle those thoughts that are blocking you and move forward with ease. All with open minded compassion. 

I’m massively invested in you and do connect emotionally to your business. This may go against traditional ‘coaching’ but I really want to get under the skin of your why, your story so I can connect with the people you want to help just as you do.

That means I go on the journey with you. The highs and lows. I’m passionate and enthusiastic about your achievements, big and small, because I know they are all big to you.  My driving force is drawing out the gold within you and doing something real with it.

An outcome of this is you having self belief, courage and self confidence. And of course you making a bloody decent living from what you do too!

I’m a Mum. I have 2 kids under 5 and I’m immersed in the biz/life juggle. I get the struggles, the low energy and the push pull.  For me, it’s not about all the figures.

Yes I’m doing well. Yes I have aspirations.

I want more time with my family, more freedom and flexibility, but I’m here to help women all over the world use their gifts to make a difference and really stand out in the process.

‘Helen is one of those people who just gets you, knows exactly what you’re going through and how to get you to where you want to be. Her programme has been the making of me and my business, as I went from vague to vibrant and ready to show up as the leader in my field. I simply don’t have praise enough how Helen and her wonderful program has helped me to up-level so much in such a short space of time. Helen is one amazing coach and truly awesome lady. You’ll not regret working with Helen, it will be the making of you and your business!’

Jane Jones

Mindset Coach

What I know about you

You have expertise and skill that can really make a difference

You are a big hearted action taker brimming with passion and ideas.

You really want to inspire others and impact the wider world.

You are willing to take action to make your dreams a reality

You know deep down that it is all within you, you just need help to bring it out

You are ready. You know it’s your time to take things to the next level. You are worthy of the level of success that you crave, so let’s go get it!


Case Study – Sam Hall

Fitness and Mindset Coach

Here’s how we can work together


I don’t work with everyone, and so it is important that we speak, so that we can both discover if this experience is the right for both of us.
I only open up 121 slots at certain times.

Currently, I am open to applications.


Sound good? Then let’s talk!


I have a number of options available.


They start with a 1.5 hour power intensive session for £357 and go up to a 3 month mentorship £4500 (payment plans are available.) I also run group programmes and workshops frequently.


In order to understand the best fit for your needs, book in a 45-minute clarity call to explore where you are, where you want to be and how I can help you get there.

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