Terms & Conditions – Land & Deliver

These are the terms and conditions of service. Making payment to the programme confirms your agreement to the following:

Terms of Service.

On receipt of payment you will be given the link to a Facebook group where you will receive support via a monthly Q&A livestream. 

On payment you will receive instant support to the course materials. These are being added to regularly. 

If you signed up to VIP, you will be able to book a 45 minute 121 coaching call with me whenever is suitable to you within a 6 month period. Please email hello@helenpackham to book.

Please note that purchasing the course does not guarantee you a place on any TEDx event that I am associated with or curator for. 

The knowledge I share in the course is suitable for any TEDx gig you wish to apply for. 

Please note that if you choose the VIP and take the 121 coaching call with me, this will not guarantee a place at any TEDx event that I am curator for or associated with. Normal application processes will apply and applications will be verified by the speaker teams for the event. 

Your Role.

Your participation is vitally important for the programme to be effective. Please communicate openly with me about any questions and concerns you have. You can do this by posting in the group.

You acknowledge and understand that the coaching programme’s effectiveness depends upon your own dedication and focus on achieving your goals. This is a self study course with a monthly live Q&A and if you have purchased the VIP, a 121 coaching session with me. 

You own the tasks and actions set, and accept full responsibility and accountability for the actions that you do or do not take, the results achieved and any consequences that follow. I the coach, Helen Packham, do not make any guarantee or warranty as to results that may be achieved or as to the consequences of any actions taken or not taken by you.

Contacting Me.

I will hold a monthly livestream in the facebook community to answer your questions. If you are a VIP member you can book one 45 minute coaching call with me.


If I am unable to hold a 121 or live I will make every effort to notify you as far in advance as possible, and will reschedule for another call as soon as is possible to avoid delay. If for any reason I am unable to provide the service (due to illness or injury) all attempts will be made to offer an alternative date as soon as possible.

The programme is non refundable.


I will keep the information you give to me and discuss with me completely confidential in line with the Data Protection Act 1998 and any other applicable data protection legislation concerning the processing of your personal data. You understand there are circumstances where I may be required by law to disclose information (for example, court order) and if that occurs, you release me from this obligation, only for the information I am required to disclose.

As part of promotion I may ask you to talk about your progress on social media, give testimonials by video and written and become involved in other activity used to promote the benefits of the programme. This will be a mutually beneficial exercise as all promotion would involve links to your programmes or website.

All content of the programme is copyright protected by Helen Packham 2020.


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