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These are the terms and conditions of service. Making payment to the programme confirms your agreement to the following:

Terms of Service.

On receipt of payment you will receive a welcome email providing login details to both courses Land and Deliver and Ultimate Speaker hosted on membervault. You have lifetime access to the courses that are up to date as of June 2023. The courses will be updated periodically. 

In your welcome email you will be invited to join the following bonus activities:

The Rehearsal Stage 

The Rehearsal Stage Support group is your safe space to share ideas, get peer feedback and practice your talks away from the public gaze. Join the group here.


LIVE Q&A in The Rehearsal Stage

I will be hosting a live Q&A kick off call on Monday July 24th at 12 midday BST in The Rehearsal Stage to help you navigate the programme in the best way for you, and answer any questions you may have.


Nail your talk idea workshop 

If you were one of the first 15 to sign up to the programme, you are invited to my Nail your talk idea workshop being held via zoom on Thursday 3rd August at 19.00 BST. You will be sent a link to access the workshop.


Reclaim Your Right To Be Visible with Sally Garrozzo

This bonus live session held by RTT expert Sally will guide you through steps to dissolve your stage fright and get confidently visible on the virtual and real life stage. This workshop is taking place on Tuesday 8th August at 10.30am. You will be sent a link to access this workshop.


If you are a VIP customer, you also get access to:

30 minute coaching call

A 30 minute coaching call with me to use up until 31st July 2024. We can use this time to laser in on your most needed area of support. 

When you are ready, contact hello@helenpackham.com and I will email you the link to my calendar. 


Two talk reviews 

When you are ready to record your talk after following the steps in Ultimate Speaker, get in touch hello@helenpackham.com so we can start your talk review process. Talks can be recorded on your phone or via zoom and sent to me by We Transfer. I will watch your talk practice and give feedback on structure and content on the first review via whatsapp. On the second review, I will be observing flow, body language and slides. My feedback will include observations of what works well and suggestions to tweak, add or remove.  

Your talk reviews are valid for one year ending 31st July 2024.


Two pitch reviews

No matter what speaking gig you want to go for, I am here to support you in ensuring you have your pitch nailed. Depending on the application process, I will review your written or video pitch, giving feedback and advice on tweaks/changes and any other advice needed to ensure you stand out from the crowd. When you are ready for me to review, please contact me hello@helenpackham.com and we can get started!

Your pitch reviews are valid for one year ending 31st July 2024.

Please note that purchasing the course does not guarantee you a place on any TEDx or other event that I am associated with.

Please note that if you choose the VIP and take the 121 coaching call with me, this will not guarantee a place at any TEDx or other event that I am curator for or associated with. Normal application processes will apply and applications will be verified by the speaker teams for the event. 

Your Role.

Your participation is vitally important for the programme to be effective. 

You acknowledge and understand that the coaching programme’s effectiveness depends upon your own dedication and focus on achieving your goals. 

This is a self study programme, provided in bite sized learning modules. I have included a number of ways to gain extra support including the Live Q&A, nail your talk idea workshop, bonus session with Sally Garozzo and the Rehearsal Stage support group. 

The Rehearsal Stage support group is a peer led and supported safe space. I will be going live Monday 24th July at midday BST to support you in getting started. After this time I will be checking into the group periodically. You will not receive direct feedback from me on your talks. I am happy to answer questions, however if you would like feedback, please upgrade to the VIP option. Contact hello@helenpackham.com to arrange. 

If you paid in full you will receive a 30 minute coaching call with me. 

If you are a VIP customer you have access to a 45 minute coaching call, 2 video talk reviews and 2 pitch reviews. 

You own the tasks and actions set, and accept full responsibility and accountability for the actions that you do or do not take, the results achieved and any consequences that follow. I the coach, Helen Packham, do not make any guarantee or warranty as to results that may be achieved or as to the consequences of any actions taken or not taken by you.

Contacting Me.

For technical or upgrade queries, please contact hello@helenpackham.com

For support queries, please post in The Rehearsal Stage Support Group for peer feedback and support.

If you are a VIP customer and would like to book your 45 minute call, 2 video reviews and 2 pitch reviews, please email hello@helenpackham.com

If you paid in full, please contact hello@helenpackham.com to book your 30 minute coaching session. 


If I am unable to hold a 121 or live I will make every effort to notify you as far in advance as possible, and will reschedule for another call as soon as is possible to avoid delay. If for any reason I am unable to provide the service (due to illness or injury) all attempts will be made to offer an alternative date as soon as possible.

There is a 7 day period on purchase of the course for you to change your mind. If you decide the programme isn;t for you after trying it out, please email hello@helenpackham.com with the reason for your decision. 

The programme is non refundable after the 7 day period has passed.


I will keep the information you give to me and discuss with me completely confidential in line with the Data Protection Act 1998 and any other applicable data protection legislation concerning the processing of your personal data. You understand there are circumstances where I may be required by law to disclose information (for example, court order) and if that occurs, you release me from this obligation, only for the information I am required to disclose.

As part of promotion I may ask you to talk about your progress on social media, give testimonials by video and written and become involved in other activity used to promote the benefits of the programme. This will be a mutually beneficial exercise as all promotion would involve links to your programmes or website. Consent will be agreed before this takes place.

All course materials, including but not limited to slides, handouts, and other resources, are the property of Helen Packham. They are protected by copyright law and are intended only for the use of Helen Packham’s clients. No portion of these materials may be reproduced, distributed, or transmitted in any form or by any means, including photocopying, recording, or other electronic or mechanical methods, without the prior written permission. Any unauthorized use or distribution of these materials will be considered a violation of copyright law and may result in legal action.

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