Dream Leaders Academy

‘If you can dream it you can do it’

Walt Disney

An 8 module programme designed to help you stand out from the pack, build a loyal following and attract and sign more premium clients.

When it comes to building an online business, it’s a minefield.

On the one hand you are so excited about the possibilities that await you. You really do feel like what you are doing is your dream, that you are so incredibly passionate that it just HAS to work.

On the other hand you are feeling stuck in the mud. You see SO many other coaches and consultants all doing their thing and it feels intimidating.

You know that the people you dream about working with MUST be online.

But are they really on Facebook? And how the hell do you find them so that they take notice?

You doubt whether you have anything new or fresh to offer, because thousands of others are doing the same.  The premium prices you really want to charge feel out of your reach, along with the freedom and flexibility that you crave SO badly.

You aren’t sure if you are able to ‘sell’. Everything you read about online sales and marketing (the webinars, the blogs, the podcasts) are crammed full of information, it’s quite frankly overwhelming. So you don’t do anything. No action = no wonga!

You are a big hearted lady. You really want to make a difference in the world, spread your message wide and inspire people on a higher level. But the thought of being that visible is scary, and how the hell would you do it anyway?

What if your dreams did come true?

What if you were able to stand out in a sea of coaches and get recognized as an authority in your field?

Dream Leaders Academy-02

What if you were able to not only FIND your ideal client on Facebook, but build a following of raving fans that want to BUY from you?

Dream Leaders Academy-02

What if you were offering premium services with high ticket prices that go right to the heart of your client’s biggest problems and SOLVES them?

Dream Leaders Academy-02

What if you were doing things in a way that felt easy and authentic, in lin with your values and completely unsalesy?

Dream Leaders Academy-02

What if you could get right in front of your ideal client in a way that attracts them to you like a magnet?

This can happen!

How do I know?

Because I made it happen…

What I know about you

You are a big hearted action taker brimming with passion and ideas.Dream Leaders Academy-02

You really want to make a difference, inspire others and impact the wider world.Dream Leaders Academy-02

You are a big dreamer. But you are willing to take action to make those dreams a reality with the right support.Dream Leaders Academy-02

You know deep down that it is all within you, you just need help to bring it out and delivered in a way gets you the results you desire.Dream Leaders Academy-02

You are ready. You know it’s your time to take things to the next level. You are worthy of the level of success that you crave, so let’s go
get it!


I’m so glad you are here, because I put this together just for you.

Dream leaders academy is an 8 module programme giving you everything you need to stand out, build a following and attract and sign premium clients.

This is what you get

Instant access to 8 modules…..you will have practical tasks to complete. These modules cover the exact subject areas you need to make an impact FAST. You will have simple exercises to complete, and will have time for implementation too.

Case Study – Sam Hall

Fitness and Mindset Coach


When you join dream leaders academy the magic really happens.


You will learn

The exact steps to take to really stand out from the crowd and get known as an authority in your field.

How to build and monetise a following of fans that know love and trust you.

Create high ticket services at premium prices that your clients REALLY need.

Turn your followers into buyers in a way that feels easy and authentic, even if you aren’t ‘salesy’

How to get right in front of your ideal client on Facebook

The result?

The clarity to move forward, take action and see results,

The courage to stand out authentically and really make your mark

The clients = financial freedom and flexibility

Case Study - Samantha Collison

I have worked with Helen for a few months now and I even had the pleasure of meeting her in person.


Helen is so down to earth yet so very clear about the strategies required to elevate my business. She is always so encouraging and often sends me messages congratulating me on my progress, know I have someone there to support me fully helps me grow so much quicker.

When I first started with Helen I had no structure to my routine. I was getting overwhelmed with the tasks in hand but Helen helped me set a smart schedule to break my ‘bliss time’ and non negotiables down and it really worked. 

I also struggled with my messaging and the structure of my marketing strategies. So we spent time looking deep into the needs of my ideal client, the outcomes they desired, and how I could communicate that through a content and visibility plan on social media. We also focused on the types of messages to give my ideal client, so I was speaking straight to them, building the know like and trust factor. This made selling easy and authentic, because they could see how I could help them before speaking with me.

I am proud to say that I have filled out my first ever group programme Transform With Love shortly after launching. I’m currently working with 11 amazing ladies as well as continuing to work with clients 121.

If you ever get an opportunity to work with Helen, don’t miss out. She genuinely cares about your success and she will always go out of her way to help you.

I’m truly grateful to be working with her.

Sammy x’

Samantha Collison Self Love and Weight Loss Coach | www.samanthacollison.com

All of this amazing value for only 1 payment of £397

When I first found Helen’s group I was just starting my business after having it as a side line for 2 years. I instantly connected with Helen as she has so much passion for what she does and how she inspires others. I was feeling at sea with what to do to get my business properly up and running. I felt unclear about who I needed to work with and what message I was sharing. I was just floundering around just trying different things and feeling overwhelmed with no real focus. Since working 1:1 with Helen my confidence has grown so much because I am now clear on my message and my strategy. I know who my ideal client is and have a clear and consistent message that I share. I have systems and strategies on place that don’t overwhelm me and with her encouragement I’m pushing myself to new levels. As a mother with two young children I felt it was really important to have a coach that understands that my children come first and that my business runs around them. Helen completely understands my priorities and helps me to set realistic goals that I can really hit. I’m now reaching more ideal clients and I have processes in place to gain more. I have set up my own group. I would not have done this without her help. If your looking for a coach who’s going to pull out your strengths and have you feeling supported enough to shoot for the moon and the stars, Helen is the one for you.
Josie Louise Brocksom

Solution Focused Hypnotherapist and Coach, Worry Free | www.worry-free.org

‘Before working with Helen I was spinning my wheels and going nowhere fast.  At the time, I was completing a diploma in Transformational Coaching, teaching and also trying to rediscover my personal identity, set up a business and understand the online realm. Helen supported me holding a safe space for me to process all that I was trying to achieve at the same time giving me the structure to build a solid foundation to move forward, up level and get known.  I respect and honour how much Helen lives and speaks her truth – she is doing it, she has done it.  Building an online business can be a lonely venture but Helen has created an online community that empowers and creates a space for women to form relationships, learn and step confidently into their greatness.  If you desire to build a following of loyal clients in an authentic way, do not hesitate investing in yourself to work with Helen.  Life is precious and the time is now.  She gives 110% to her clients and the value you get from her experience, knowledge and the energy she exudes is absolutely priceless.’
Emma-Jean Lee

Transformational Life Coach , Emma Jean Lee | http://www.emmajeanlee.com/

‘A dream written down with a date becomes a goal. A goal broken down into steps becomes a plan. A plan backed by action makes your dreams come true.

Join me dream leader!

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