Stand Out Speaker 

Well hello hidden star! I’m guessing this may ring true for you….


You are on a mission to make waves in this crazy world


You have a big shining purpose, you’ve got opinions and ideas and you are absolutely busting to share them


You dream of walking on a stage and inspiring thousands of people (even if it scares you a tad!)


You get giddy over the thought of standing ovations and change making moments (even if this currently makes you want to faint!)


You know deep down that what you have to say matters




At the moment you are doing diddly squat about it


You aren’t sure if your opinions and ideas are credible enough, is your mission even big enough?


You’d love to share your message in front of people, but what about all the rambling and pacing like a caged animal, that calls for rotten tomatoes right?!

You really have no idea what the first step is in honouring this burning desire


You’ve come to the right place.

Sally Bunkham Stand Out Speaker Case Study

I’m Helen,

Leadership & business coach


For 15 years I trained and coached leaders in the corporate world.


The most popular subject? 


Presenting, engaging and speaking.


I’ve run mass scale team building events, holding a room of 100’s of rambunctious office bods


I’ve pulled together and hosted high profile networking events with

Olympians as keynote speakers


I’ve presented to 1000’s


I’ve also taken to many stages myself as a speaker.

This includes TEDx, an absolute dream come true.


Sound exciting?

Through Stand Out Speaker I now have my speaking script sorted and a template for future presentations. I am speaking at local events which would not have happened without Helen and this course. Helen helped me find the confidence and realisation that my message was worthy of hearing on a bigger stage and I now am putting the wheels in motion to make that happen. Helen’s course is a must for anyone with speaking as one of their goals! Becky Strafford

Client Attraction Coach, Becky Strafford

This course was everything I hoped for and more. I have gained so much confidence from it and I literally cannot wait to get out there now! I’m genuinely excited to see where this takes me and the insights, revelations and support I’ve received on my speaker journey (and it’s definitely been a journey!) have been totally amazing. Helen Hayes

Founder, Balance Retreat

When you join me on Stand Out Speaker you will get unlimited access to the knowledge that has enabled me to help many many leaders in my corporate career, & hold a room myself.

Over 6 incredible weeks you will….. 

Define your storytelling voice and what makes you and your ideas truly unique


Understanding and implement the crucial do’s and don’ts of knock out speaking


Craft your powerful message, which is beautifully aligned to your passion and purpose


Write a killer talk with tools from my speaking vault


Learn how to make a big bang with your presence – even if you are an introvert


Get access to the exact method I used to become a TEDx speaker


Build an action plan that can get you a speaking gig, tomorrow.


Get speaker confident with my personal feedback and mentorship.



Helen! I just wanted to say THANK YOU and WELL DONE for not just stepping in at the last minute, but absolutely 250% smashing it out of the park. Not only did you pull a remarkable presentation out of the bag at a moments notice but you clearly touched the hearts of minds of people in the audience. So many important stories and experiences, it fell into the theme of the day effortlessly and I felt extremely proud to have somehow been a part of you sharing that so openly.
I certainly hope we will work together again. Thank you. You were just marvellous 🙂 Toby Moore

Curator and Event Director, TEDx Brighton

The SOS programme has really unleashed a confidence in me I didn’t realise I had. The different elements of the programme combined provide you with such a platform to take action and go out there and share your message with the world. Helen was an incredible leader and shared such wisdom. She also had a genuine interest in helping everyone of us to reach our goals – that alone was a winner for me. If you’re thinking about doing SOS – stop thinking and get enrolling – it’ll be the best decision you’ve made to take your speaking opportunities to the next level.

Nicola Arnold

Enkindle Life Coaching

So, since doing Helen Packham’s Stand Out Speaker course I’ve been on TV twice (channel 5 news)…and following that I’ve been following some advice from Helen about PR/getting visible. I was in the blooming Guardian yesterday, ARGH! The best thing is that it’s a feature about people that did badly in their A Levels but are doing ok now. BIG UP MY MISSPENT YOUTH! 😁 The article has made things go a bit crazy. The traffic to my site yesterday was just insane and I’m going to be interviewed by Paul Ross (Jonathon’s brother!) on TalkRadio on the breakfast show tomorrow morning about my take on going to University, how much it helped me etc. Honestly, all this because I’ve now got the confidence to get out there and start sharing my message. I can’t thank Helen enough. And if you’re thinking about doing Stand Out Speaker, but aren’t sure…..don’t even hesitate! Just do it xxx Sally Bunkham

Founder, Mums Back

6 weeks  

Weekly videos and action

Weekly group coaching calls  

A private community for you to hone your craft  

Plus these bonus speakers…

Bonus 1 – Behind the TED curtain. What it really takes to become a knock out TEDx speaker

 with Toby Moore – Head Curator at TEDx Brighton

Bonus 2 – Ace your virtual speaking goals AND get paid  

with Wendy Kier – Founder of Virtual Speaking Pros

Bonus 3 – How to deliver a stellar  speaking gig  

with Sally Garozzo and Zoe Swan – Founders of Inspiring Talks Brighton

 Bonus 4 – Expert Josie Brocksom on hand throughout the whole programme.

Solution Focused Hypnotherapist and Coach Josie will help you speak with confidence and move past fear.

Helen’s Stand out Speaker programme blew my socks off and then some.

I went in with an open mind and came away with it filled with possibilities and potential for my new-found skills that can be applied absolutely everywhere where speaking is required.

Her patient and attentive listening skills led me through every self-doubt and wobble until I came out the other side clear on just how to pull everything together and deliver it with poise and confidence.

This is not just a programme for crafting a speech it a programme of learning how to speak.

It’s a programme on learning how to convey your thoughts, ideas and story in a succinct and personal way so everyone remembers who you are and what you’ve got to say and leaves you excited to share it all.

Kerry Davey

Transformational Life Coach, Kerry Davey

Doors have closed to this programme but book a call to discuss your speaking needs

Working with Helen is very motivating and inspiring. Her empowerment skills really helped me to step up to my story and I felt confident quickly to share my concerns and fears with Helen and the rest of the group. I highly recommend Helen and this course.

Karen Ramsay-Smith

Coach, Big Picture Coaching

This course has given me the confidence and the strategy to deliver a TED worthy talk. Even if you think you don’t have an idea worth sharing, by the end of the course you most certainly will. Helen’s teaching style is so empowering and the course is full of inspiration that will leave you overflowing with ideas.

Josie Brocksom

Solutions Focused Hypnotherapist and Coach, Worry Free

Doors have closed to this programme but book a call to discuss your speaking needs

Stand Out Speaker – Terms and Conditions

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