A while back I did something that was a huge deal for me. After a long period of no confidence, I set myself a challenge to share my message through the wonderful medium of TED.

It was the most incredible experience, and I feel truly honoured to have been part of it along with the other wonderful speakers.

After 8 long months of waiting, I was told it was up on Youtube!

Speaking Confidently to grow your business

It was an incredibly personal story and the first thing I did was share it with my husband who was a huge part of it. With his ok, I contacted family and friends and excitedly shared it with them and asked if they could share it too.

It’s a simple and ordinary tale about what to do if you find that you have lost yourself.

It is delivered with stumbles and hiccups. But I am proud that I did it, and it shows that YOU can do it too. ANYONE can.

It’s one of the most vulnerable things I have put on the internet and I went through so many emotions watching it and then seeing it shared all over social media.

Immediately I started to worry about what people would think, what they would say and how they would respond. I realised I was having a vulnerability hangover! That feeling after you share something huge that at one time would have crippled me.

The response I received from everyone has been phenomenal and all positive, but I was prepared for a negative response and happily welcome it.

Because part of sharing my story was about showing that I am just a human being with a story to tell, to help others feel empowered to do the same.

It wasn’t about external validation because as I share in my story, I already have validated myself internally.

A vulnerability hangover is a completely natural feeling, it happens when you move out of your comfort zone and that in itself is a fantastic thing! It means you are being brave, taking risks and becoming visible.

If you missed my TED talk you can watch it here


Comment below and let me know what you think, I would love to know!

Helen xx

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