Remember the days of face to face training?

This year I’ve already delivered 3 workshops that in a post covid world would have been face to face. This isn’t new to me as even back when I worked in corporate, we delivered virtual training.

But what I do know is there is a right way to do it and a wrong way to do it.

It may seem logical to just transfer a face-to-face workshop format to online. However, one of the biggest things to consider with online learning is how to maximise the level of engagement and the transfer of learning.

People learn differently online. Their attention spans are shorter, they need more engagement to be invested and they process information differently.

If you are someone who delivered face to face workshops, training or learning before covid and have made the move online but aren’t happy with the way it’s panning out you might be interested in a free training I did a while ago.

It’s in my archived FB group but contains some really valuable insights around these four key areas. (request to join if you aren’t a member already)



Energy and Engagement


Need more support?

I have created a complete self study course on how to become a Virtual Training Pro

In this easy to use course I help you to:

●   Plan your online training: Map it all out and plan the format of your online/virtual training so that it is set up for success from the beginning.

●   Create your online exercises: I share the exact exercises to use for maximum engagement and learning so that you take your virtual training from surface level to deep dive. Plus >> You get access to the best free and paid personality tests and surveys so that you add more depth to your delegate’s online experience.

●   Keep energy and engagement high: I share my tips and tricks on how to keep the virtual room alive and engaged and share my tried and tested online energisers and icebreakers so that you break down trust barriers and shake things up.

●     Move offline training online: I take you through the steps needed to translate your face to face training to effective online delivery, so that you can use what you have already to create awesome virtual experiences.

●     Bust your fears with tech: I provide guides and tutorial links to all the major platforms, ensuring you are calm, cool and tech-savvy.

PLUS three extra bonuses!

●     Define your hot right now topic training: If you are stuck on what to focus your training on that your clients need right now, then fear not. I help you get super clear on what you have that people need, so you can have the right conversations to secure the virtual training gigs.

●     Selling to Corporates: Get access to a Webinar from Jessica Lorimer on how to sell to corporates so that you land the training gigs you really want.

Online facilitation with Andy Storch

Andy walks you through the key considerations to ace it as an online facilitator – one of the most coveted training delivery skills.

Andy breaks down the difference between online and offline facilitation and what is needed to ace it online.

If you are feeling like you really want your delegates to get the learning experience they deserve, and want to up level your skills, this is the course for you.

Questions? Just hit reply and shoot!

Much love



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