Have you ever lost an object that was really special to you? You have no idea where you left it but you know it MUST be somewhere? 

I had that very same sinking feeling about six months ago after a trip to New York. My Dad (who was going through treatment for pancreatic cancer at the time) had given me the most beautiful necklace and earrings as a birthday and Xmas present. 

They were literally my most treasured things.

And I lost them.

I took them to New York with me, and then sometime after my return when I went to put them on again, GONE.

I searched high and low, wracked with guilt that I could have been so careless to leave them in New York, saddened that such a precious thing from my Dad could go missing. 

Until I decided to reach to the back of my chest of drawers the other day and found the box nestled there. The relief was palpable, the joy was indescribable, I was over the moon to find them again.

But this isn’t the first time I have felt this way.

It happened the day I stopped going for parts in the local theatre group because my shyness and blushing got so much that I couldn’t face speaking to or standing up in front of people. 

Until I found my calling in a career in learning and development and started enjoying standing up in front of people in a training/coaching capacity.

It happened the day I decided to run away from my corporate career, vowing that I would never stand up in front of a room full of people ever again. I thought my skills and confidence had left me, I couldn’t do it anymore. 

Until I made a choice, took ownership of my future, and 12 months later was experiencing the thrill and exhilaration of standing on the TEDx stage.

And it happened just recently when grieving the loss of my Dad, I went into hiding behind my computer, not wanting to show up or speak to anyone, let alone run a business.

Until the fog lifted a little, and I felt the familiar joy of finding something that I thought I had lost, but that had always been there in the first place.

This week’s message runs a bit deep but I hope that it can resonate with you in some way.

You see there will be many moments in your life and business where you feel like you’ve lost it. 

Your confidence, your ability to do things, to show up, to speak with conviction, to slay your message, to consistently sell yourself to people in the social ether.

Something may have happened to make you feel like you have lost it. That you should think of a plan B, because this won’t work any more. That you should admit defeat because it’s all too damn hard sometimes.

Am I right?

If so then I’m sending the biggest virtual hug your way to tell you that you haven’t lost A THING.

Whatever might be happening in your life and biz right now?

You still have the skills to nail it

You still have the passion to see it through

You still have the confidence to step up and speak up and make it all happen

If you are sitting in the shit right now?

Know that it’s like a rain cloud. It WILL pass over. The sun will come out and BOOM, just like that, you will be firing on all cylinders like never before.

  • Showing up online
  • Coming up with content for days
  • Standing on a stage and delivering your message
  • Putting yourself forward for opportunities
  • Conveying the right energy to prospective clients
  • Believing with 100% conviction that this is your calling. This is what you are meant to be doing.

Want that rain cloud to shift sooner?

Then here are a few things to think about

  1. Know that it is still in there

The reason why you do what you do, your story, your skills, your passion and expertise, it hasn’t gone anywhere. This is just a small stumbling block on the road of freedom and fulfilment. No need to start again, or search for the answer, it just needs to be uncovered, unlocked and unleashed again.

  1. What you are feeling is most likely in your head

Whatever challenge you are facing that is forcing you to hide, not move forward and take action is most likely a mindset. It’s an unfounded belief you have about the future due to your current challenge, It isn’t reality. In many situations just knowing this can be enough to kick you back into action. You can choose to feel and believe differently about anything that is currently happening to you.

  1. Go easy on yourself

If you are experiencing a wobble of any kind, it can be very easy to berate yourself for not showing up, taking action and earning all the monies. But sometimes you just need to surrender to where you are at, knowing that the cloud will pass and that looking after yourself and being kind to yourself will most likely help it shift sooner.

When we think we lose things it can feel pretty rubbish, but when we find them again? It’s pretty amazing. 

My necklace was always there

My experience was always there

My confidence was always there 

And yours is all in there too.

I promise.

If you can relate to this hit comment and tell me your story. And if you are ready to say ‘BOOM – world here I am’ then hit comment and say BOOM. I’d love to help you through the shit and back to clarity. Showing up, sharing stories, making money and changing lives. 

Much love

Helen x

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