I’m delivering two virtual keynotes this week, and whilst there is nothing quite like standing in front of a live audience, I’m still super buzzed.

Some say that virtual events can in no way conjure the same feelings as sitting in an audience. And this is true to an extent. 

But they are still a great way to:

  • Get yourself out there and gain reach 
  • Flex your speaking skills and up your impact game
  • Get recognised as an authority in your niche
  • Earn good money. I am charging the same for virtual talks as I am in person
  • Help as many people as possible who might not be able to get to a face to face event 

And there are lots of ways that you can maximise the buzz and engagement from your audience, even if you aren’t in the same room. 

Here are a few tips:

  1. Ensure the audience are aligned or can easily understand your subject matter. If they are invested, engagement will be high from the start.
  2. Know your subject. Speak about something you are the expert on. It will really come through in your delivery and make you memorable.
  3. Keep to time – which is crucial for energy and engagement and a great skill as a speaker to work on continuously (whether virtual or not!) 
  4. Keep engagement high throughout. Make use of the chat box, emojis and polls to keep your audience engaged with your words.
  5. Get your slides on point – slides can enhance a virtual talk, just like they can a face to face one. Keep slides rich in visuals and low on text. With shorter talks ditch the slides altogether.
  6. Make your messaging off the chart – have a strong clear message. What I like to call the ‘core message’ of the talk. This takeaway is the one thing that is left in the audience’s mind, inspiring them to take action. 

Virtual events are continuing to dominate and corporate organisations are favouring virtual keynotes for ease of access. 

Why is it super important for you to be speaking at these events?

Because virtual speaking is one of THE BEST ways to:

  1. Showcase your area of expertise and talk about ‘hot right now’ topics that your ideal clients NEED to hear.
  2. Reach new people. New potential followers, fans and clients that are poised and ready to hear you as the expert and absorb your powerful and motivational messages.
  3. Give you the speaker buzz. Yes, standing on a stage feels pretty darn amazing (once you get over the fear hump!) But virtual speaking seriously gives you kicks too! 
  4. Enhance your speaking skills. There ARE different skills involved in virtual speaking. But if you already use video in your current business then you are in a very good position to tweak and add to your skill set. 
  5. Inspire and motivate people and make a difference. Nuff said.

I want to help you.

I would LOVE to help you make this a focus right now and help you with the skills to really nail it as a virtual keynote speaker. 

The price of my Virtual Speaking Pro course will be going up soon, but you can still nab it at the crazy low price of £197 if you move quick!

I share the SIX methods of virtual speaking that can help you get courageously visible, elevate your authority status and generate more leads and clients into your business. All from the comfort of your own home.

Not only that but I’ll also be training you on crafting your ‘hot right now’ message so that you can be speaking on the things that your clients really need right now. 

PLUS! I’ll also be sharing WHERE you can find the gigs and HOW to land them too.

Check out all the details here and hit reply if you have questions. 


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